How Shopping Centers Works ?
Shopping Centre Analytics
Shopping Mall Analytics

Data analytics is the informational hub in which a mall can create data based actions that provide definite results. Without data analytics, no mall owner, general manager nor marketing manager would truly know the on-goings of their Mall/Shopping center environment or how to respond to different variables in the business environment.

Business Analytics

When it comes to the business analytics, you are learning from each store what the customers want. With mall analytics, you have a better idea of what types of stores do the best, what stores are attracting more people and the like. This information is essential to know! With our platform, you’re able to get data on important analytics like orders or booking information, sales, revenue, repeated customers, customer profiles, loyalty points, offers or campaign level analytics and more.

Shopping Mall Business Analytics Platform
Shopping Centre Behavior Analytics
Behavior Analytics

What does your customer want when they visit your environment? This is another question that is answered by mall analytics and captured data. The ability to see foot traffic that is coming into the mall, what visitor counters are getting the most attention, dwell time spent in a certain area of the mall, and if there is a certain area of the mall that is more popular than others.

How Shopping Centers Can Benefit from Gofindo
Engage Your Valuable Customers
Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform
For Shopping Center
  • Having access to a shopping mall loyalty program that may offer discounts and freebies, a perk that keeps customers coming back to a retailer
  • They have a shopping experience that is tailored to them, rather than being a generic experience they do not want to repeat
  • A better chance of finding everything that they want in one place
  • A customer experience that will keep them coming back and enjoying the mall, and could even result in sharing this great experience with others
Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform for merchants
For Merchants
  • They develop a personal relationship with customers that means a lot in this world of impersonal connections
  • They have the ability to capture data from everyday interactions and provide actions based on data and trends such automated marketing campaigns
  • Better return on their investment with repeat sales occurring
  • They know what is selling and what is not, allowing for stocking help where needed
Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform for consumers
For Consumers
  • Being a better competitor with those online platforms
  • Having more customers stop by the mall rather than shop elsewhere
  • Merchants are happier to stay located within the mall as they getting valuable information from this data to help them succeed
  • They can make improvements with the data that receive that will only help to attract more customers
  • It allows you to monetize the online and physical space by using the Gofindo platform.
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