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The Digital Age of Malls

How can digital technology help a mall succeed in today’s hectic climate?

Shopping Centre Digital Transformation with Beacons Technology

Shopping Malls & The Digital World: How to Stay Ahead

Shopping Malls are currently competing against the numerous online e-commerce outlets, which are taking customers away from physical consumer spaces like Shopping Malls and Centers. With the rapid growth of mobile phone use, digital technology and the millenial population, embracing technology and digital tools that can elevate shopping malls to the next level is the only solution to this growing problem. Digital aspects such as analytics and data driven technology should be built into marketing strategies for shopping malls if they wish to compete and bring consumers back to physical locations!

The Benefits of Digital for Shopping Malls

There are several benefits that shopping malls receive when utilizing some of the various digital transformations out there in the market. These benefits include:

  • Better customer engagement to ensure that customers feel appreciated.
  • Allows your mall to gain better insight on what customers want which will aid in providing better service to customers.
  • Gives your mall a great idea of what is working for your mall and what is not.
  • Allows your mall to offer a better customer loyalty program, that is going to attract customers to your mall.
  • Allows you to brand your mall to get seen more in the area.

Malls deciding to adapt and utilize digital technology, find that this revitalization creates a great competitive advantage over their competitors by capturing critical data insight. Having the ability to capture endless data gives Mall Owners, General Managers and Marketing Directors the knowledge that they need to know to provide data driven action. Adapting to digital allows key decision makers to have the knowledge needed to ensure they are not walking blindly through this competitive market. If Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers truly want to compete with the online e-commerce giants, and bring back consumers to their physical retail spaces, embracing the digital world is the only way that they are going to succeed at this.

Mall Ecosystem and How it Works

Understanding the Mall Ecosystem

In order to stay competitive in the commerce market, understanding the mall ecosystem is imperative. From mall loyalty programs to shopping mall promotions, there is a place within the ecosystem for everything.

How Can Customer Rewards Help Your Mall?

One of the biggest trends seen in digital marketing for malls and shopping centers are customer reward programs. Shopping mall promotions are great ways to gain customer attention. 80% of consumers indicated they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences (Epsilon). However, when combined with mall loyalty programs, these promotions become a sure way of acquiring and retaining the attention of those who shop at designated malls and shopping centers. Reward programs can make your mall/shopping center stand out against online e-commerce platforms, competing for the same customer.

The Benefits of Customer Rewards

When Malls and Shopping Centers have customer loyalty programs in place, the idea is that customers are getting a reward for doing business with you. Loyalty and Reward programs make customers come back time and time again, as they are getting perks for all items purchased within their visit. When developing this type of relationship with your customers, you are gaining loyalty that is going to pay off in the long run. For example: by utilizing technological tools like mobile apps with loyalty rewards, this entices your customers to visit your physical consumer space rather than resorting to easier means of purchasing via e-commerce. This in turn aids your tenants because they are able to facilitate and maintain connections with customers, further making the mall eco-system evolve and grow.

Shopping Mall Analytics

Shopping Mall Analytics - Converting Data into Actionable Insights

Data analytics is the informational hub in which a mall can create data based actions that provide definite results. Without data analytics, no mall owner, general manager nor marketing manager would truly know the on-goings of their Mall/Shopping center environment or how to respond to different variables in the business environment. However, when combined with mall loyalty programs, these promotions become a sure way of acquiring and retaining the attention of those who shop at designated malls and shopping centers.

Business Analytics

When it comes to the business analytics, you are learning from each store what the customers want. With mall analytics, you have a better idea of what types of stores do the best, what stores are attracting more people and the like. This information is essential to know!
With our platform, you’re able to get data on important analytics like orders or booking information, sales, revenue, repeated customers, customer profiles, loyalty points, offers or campaign level analytics and more.

Mall Business Performance Analytics
Revolutionizing Retail Analytics with AI

Behavior Analytics: Revolutionizing Retail Analytics with AI

What does your customer want when they visit your environment? This is another question that is answered by mall analytics and captured data. The ability to see foot traffic that is coming into the mall, what visitor counters are getting the most attention, dwell time spent in a certain area of the mall, and if there is a certain area of the mall that is more popular than others. This information allows you to customize your mall to give the customer what they want! This all results in you being able to make more data driven decisions.

Shopping Centre Customer Engagement

Engaging Customers

Business owners can engage existing customers through personalized messages via push notifications, email or SMS using simple to use Gofindo dashboard.Business owners now can provide omnichannel experience through out online & physical store environment using personalized instore engagement campaigns. and also reward users for their meaningful actions on shopping mall.

How to Engage Customers

Through the trends identified when looking at all data captured, it gives key decision makers a clear idea of what they need to act on in order to get the most mall customer engagement achievable. Through analyzing this data, you can engage with the diversified customers that come through your doors because you know what they want! You can develop those loyalty programs that are meant to keep them coming back and you know what to offer them to ensure there is something for them at your mall.

Some ways to engage customers with our platform include the following:

Geofence Campaigns

These allow you to send personalized notifications to the users in specific geolocation area.

Flash Campaigns

These allow you to run campaigns for users irrespective of their location.

Birthday Campaigns

These allow you to send special offers to individual users on special occasions like their birthday or anniversary.

In-store Campaigns

These allow you to send personalized notifications to store visitors mobiles irrespective of if they are subscribers or not.

Behaviour Based Campaigns

These allow you to Run special offers and campaigns based on a users past behaviour and transactions. Through collecting data, offering rewards, using our platform campaigns and analyzing this data, you have a better understanding of your retail environment. This understanding is what will lead to better engagement.

Customer Checkout

Provide a more simplified, convenient checkout experience to your customers. Help customers to select type of payment modes (online/cash or card) with integrated secured payment system.

Stakeholder Benefits

The Benefits for Stakeholders

When you utilize shopping mall analytics, along with mall loyalty programs, you are offering great benefits to not only the customer but the stakeholders as well. The customers, merchants and shopping mall itself are all stakeholders that are going to benefit from software that allows ultimate customer engagement.

The Benefits for Stakeholders

Customers are going to benefit from this software through:

  • Having access to a shopping mall loyalty program that may offer discounts and freebies, a perk that keeps customers coming back to a retailer
  • They have a shopping experience that is tailored to them, rather than being a generic experience they do not want to repeat
  • A better chance of finding everything that they want in one place
  • A customer experience that will keep them coming back and enjoying the mall, and could even result in sharing this great experience with others
  • Customers will love having the connection to the store that allows them to know events, sales, and other special events ahead of time thanks to this technology

For merchants, they will see:

  • They develop a personal relationship with customers that means a lot in this world of impersonal connections
  • They have the ability to capture data from everyday interactions and provide actions based on data and trends such automated marketing campaigns
  • Better return on their investment with repeat sales occurring
  • They know what is selling and what is not, allowing for stocking help where needed
  • They can arrange their store in a way that attracts more attention thanks to knowing what does attract attention immediately due to the data they capture

For the shopping mall itself, the benefits include:

  • Being a better competitor with those online platforms
  • Having more customers stop by the mall rather than shop elsewhere
  • Merchants are happier to stay located within the mall as they getting valuable information from this data to help them succeed
  • They can make improvements with the data that receive that will only help to attract more customers
  • It cements the shopping mall into the area as a location that makes the area unique
  • It allows you to monetize the online and physical space by using the Gofindo platform.
  • With bluetooth beacons, you’re able to create zones throughout the mall and be able to show foot traffic and total real impressions.
  • With our data you may be able to even charge more for advertising and lease space.