Appointment Scheduling Made Easy
The easiest way to manage your Salon and Spa
We know what consumes most of your days and keeps you up at night. Gofindo allows you to rid your schedule of time-consuming activities, making it easy for you to pay attention to your loyal customers.
Salon & Spa Loyalty Rewards Program
Custom Branded App
Get a Custom Branded App for Your Salon & Spa Business

Gofindo’s custom branded salon & spa mobile app not only manages bookings but also helps to enhance mobile engagement, attract new customers, increase customer experience & maximize your revenues while keeping your booking calendar open and accessible 24/7.

Run Marketing Campaigns That Deliver ROI
Snip Away Dull Business Days

Our multichannel Salon & Spa marketing platform lets you reach your audience with personalized offers based on their past transactions, allowing you to sell your slow-day-slots. Provide the best quality service to your clients while creating personalized customer experiences & increased revenue generation with Gofindo.

Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app
Reward Every Customer
Reward & Win with Customer Loyalty
Convert Every Prospect Into A Loyal Customer

With Gofindo Salon & Spa loyalty solution, you can reward your customers for previous appointments, and past purchases, converting all customers into loyal customers. Gofindo is affordable, easy to use, specially crafted for businesses like yours.

Shear through the Competition by Going Mobile
A Virtual Store for Booking, Products, and Customer Retention.

The Gofindo Mobile App makes appointment booking easy, by allowing consumers to book appointments through their Android or Apple device while increasing exposure to your products and services to those in your vicinity. Create and cultivate your brand identity for while driving higher revenue with the power of mobile!

Save Big on Automobile shop marketing
Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app
No More Guesswork
Accurate Business Performance Tracking

Gofindo tracks your business performance from product sales, appointments, employee schedules, customer feedback, payments and more while presenting information in an easy and graphics centered manner. Now you can base decisions on data-driven insight.

Accept Digital Payments & Save Big
Fast, Secure, and Always Prompt

Salon & Spa merchants save big with the Gofindo platform as we provide the best consignment fees in addition to providing time-saving, easy to use mobile engagement software!

Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app