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The Perfect Rewards & Customer Engagement Program for Shopping Malls, Retailers.

A Custom-Branded Mobile Customer Engagement Platform for Retail Business Owners

Gofindo is the perfect way to make your shopping mall, retail stores, fashion boutiques, and merchandise shops the go-to destination for locals. Increase your reach by offering deals and incentives to a wider shopping audience directly to their mobile device, and alter offers to customers when they are nearby your store. With Gofindo, you can design a customized engagement app for your shopping center that will keep store owners involved and locals coming back for more.

Retail Customer Engagement, Data Analytics & Loyalty Solutions

How Gofindo Solution Helps for Retailers

Gofindo allows you to understand your customers better by analyzing their shopping habits, buying frequency and many more data segments, while helping you identify and reward your most loyal customers.

  • When they are in a specific GPS range
  • When they are near a specific beacon in centre
  • Wherever they are, push notifications to their device and gain their attention.
  • Use deals and discounts to drive foot traffic to your stores.
  • Empower your stores to reach customers with contextual offers.
  • Offer rewards to drive repeat spending and encourage shopping habits.
  • Use the industry leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) to understand and improve overall customer satisfaction.