Learn Your Customers’ Behavior to Reach Them
Read the Pulse of Your Market
Gofindo gives you access to powerful reporting and customer analytics that help you understand your customers and provide better service. Keep them engaged with perfectly targeted marketing.
Data Elevates Your ROI
Use Analytics to Get Campaigns Right

When you put the powerful Gofindo intelligent analytics engine into place, you’re taking advantage of data’s proven effectiveness in collecting truly useful information about your customers. You’ll gain overviews of customers’ specific behavior so you can create more successful campaigns, growing your ROI.

One Click, Measure Performance
Track the Details Every Day

Use Gofindo to view details of your business performance that are generated daily. You can review KPIs for a comprehensive look at your stores, employees, product sales and more. Gofindo high-performance tools makes acquiring and monitoring such insights easy, with data sets just a single click away.

Retail Store Analytics
retail customer analytics with 360 degree Customer View
360-degree Customer View
Personalized Experiences Every Time

Put your Gofindo data to work to fully understand every one of your customers, across every department, including in-store analytics. Using our platform, you can view all customer data, including ROI, orders and behavior, to segment your clients and personalize their experience. They’ll feel special, and you can provide increasingly better customer service.

Get Smarter and Smarter
Our Intelligence Increases with Time

Our team continuously improves our platform to provide deeper insights so you can be more successful. Predictive analytics use machine learning to provide business value. We constantly strengthen our automated intelligent alerts, custom dashboards, personalized offers, campaign suggestions and even product suggestions based on customer habits.

retail predictive analytics
How Reporting and Analytics Can Benefit You
Become Smarter and More Focused
retail CRM on Cloud
No More Big Spreadsheets
Simple, Accurate Views of Data

Using Gofindo’s platform makes your life less complicated right away. You don’t have to wade through spreadsheets that seem endless. Instead, our tools process all of your data and present it in a clear, simple and meaningful way. You get critical information that matters the most. And you never have to dread spreadsheets again.

Easily Track Employee Performance
You Control Data to Help Employees

Use the comprehensive Gofindo data sets to measure, report and enhance employee performance. You know that employee performance has a direct effect on your bottom line. Our tools help you track sales, spot trends.

Track Employee Performance
retail analytics reports
Save Time, Stimulate Growth
Keep a Finger on Profits Efficiently

You’re a business owner, so you are undoubtedly familiar with ROI. It’s the most common way that businesses determine profitability, and our tools make it simple. With Gofindo analysis reports, you’ll have a far better and accurate view of what is taking place in your business and what is working most effectively. We guarantee that it will be time well spent.

Hear Directly from Customers
Use Feedback to Fine-Tune Strategies

Customer retail analytics provide you a method to reach customers and to engage them. In turn, you’ll be able to discern how receptive they are and adjust your engagement strategies in response. Mobile gives you direct connection to customers who have chosen to interact with you. Pay attention to how they respond and fine-tune your approach accordingly.

Customer Feedback to Fine-Tune Marketing Strategies
How Data and Analytics Drive Profits

Use Gofindo’s suite of tools so that you have better insights to make better decisions. Our tools give you reports on CLTV, campaign performance, favorable products, employee performance customer feedback and more. Various easily accessible views give you a 360-degree understanding of your current state. Leverage them to make better decisions in the future, driving profitability.

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Know the each feature frequently asking questions
Retail analytics brings big data analytics to retail. It helps create a broad view of the overall health of a retail business. Predictive analytics in retail relies on data to provide insights into customers, sales, inventory and other aspects of a business. It uses deep data mining and analysis to provide actionable insights.
Retail analytics has become important to businesses of every size because it is used to help business owners make more informed, and therefore stronger, decisions. By extension, retail analytics can help businesses understand their customer demographics, operate in more efficient ways and gain insights into providing better customer service.
Omni-channel analytics consolidates data from multiple channels to design experiences specific to customers. It can improve retail operations at every level while also making the customer experience stronger. It entails a strategy that relies on data, intelligent marketing and analytical merchandising to engage with customers in a consistent, coordinated manner.
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