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Gofindo is an adaptive Cloud-based customer engagement, rewards and marketing platform designed for restaurants and food joints!

Restaurant Customer Engagement, Data Analytics & Loyalty Solutions

Turn Visitors Into Customers

Business owners who use Gofindo see customers return up to 70% more often. With Gofindo, you can easily build a network of loyal customers to drive repeat visits to your establishment.

Effortless Customer Engagement Programs all in One App!

As a business owner, we know that you’re busy, which is why we built an app that does everything for you. From automated email and mobile marketing, social media, campaign management, rewards, reviews all the way to customer acquisition, Gofindo makes your life easier.

Customer Support

We promise to offer you an efficient and incomparable service, while providing customer support until your issues are resolved, and you are happy. We are fully invested to make this business relationship a success, and we hope you are too!