How Restaurants Engage with Repeat Customers
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Engage With Customers And Amplify sale

Our geofencing marketing system helps restaurants create loyalty programs and campaigns that can target customers within the geographic radius of your business. This increases the potential of bringing customers both new and old, into your restaurant environment. Through special campaigns personalized for all customer segments, restaurants can give customers incentives to bring them back, further building your loyal customer base and overall customer network.

Restaurant Loyalty Program - Win Back Inactive Customers

Customers who make recurrent purchases have a higher tendency to refer you to their family, friends and social media network. Restaurant loyalty programs reward customers for their continuous patronage while encouraging them to come back to your establishment and continuously spend with you. Managing all these components together might be tasking if you don’t have the right tools.

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Enable Omni Channel Payment System

Integrate a fully functional check out system that allows customers who have checked in and subscribed to your services to make payments seamlessly. The goal is to create a positive user experience from the moment a customer signs up on the platform to the point of payment.

Restaurant Analytics - Take Informed Decisions

Gofindo provides accurate data that can provide critical insight to the growth and performance of your business. Using best in class software that syncs relevant data on a single dashboard, restaurant owners and management are given full insight into all aspects of your restaurant business in real time. With this information, owners and management can create tailor made solutions based on customer profiling to drive sales, improve user experience and make your brand more accessible to potential customers.

restaurant loyalty & rewards app
How Restaurant Business Can Benefit with Gofindo
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Unique Customer Experience

Using customer’s details entered into the app, restaurants can now provide personalized offers based on customer preference and purchase history. Campaigns centered around customer’s details can be set up and activated promptly like their birthday, proximity to the restaurant’s location, time after past visit.

Digital Ordering System

The Gofindo app eliminates the long wait process and allows you serve customers with accuracy. A mobile menu makes your services accessible to more customers while the ordering functionality allows for easy ordering.

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SMS Marketing Automation Campaigns
Expand Your Bottom Line

The Loyalty and Rewards feature enables you to increase patronage by rewarding existing customers for their loyalty with customized restaurant rewards programs exclusive to subscribed customers.

Personalize Communication

Optimize your services by sending precise messages to targeted customers and increase engagement while improving relationships with customers by using our interactive subscriber app.

Mobile Marketing Automation To Drive ROI
Top 5 Benefits of a Mobile App for Restaurant Owners and Managers

In the food and restaurant industry, it can be quite a challenge to stand out in the crowd and get customers walking through the door.


Video Customer Retention Tips for Your Restaurant Business

Customer loyalty and retention is paramount for any business owner. Especially, if you are a restaurant owner or manager, loyal customers mean a lot for you.