Online Reviews Make or Break Businesses
Protect Everything You’ve Worked For
You’ve worked hard to conceptualize, develop and grow your business. Don’t let negative online reviews damage it. Use our tools to earn positive online customer engagement.
Enhance Your Brand Promise
Hone a Strategy to Position Yourself

You need to build on the promise you offer to consumers by providing high-quality products and services. At the same time, you need to position yourself as distinctive. Our solutions are easy to use and help deliver just the right experience to every user, while keeping your brand’s value intact.

Make Customers Say WOW!
Take Customer Service to New Heights

When you use Gofindo, you’ll have tools at the ready to help surpass your customers’ expectations. You can surprise them pleasantly by targeting them directly, because you’ll know what they want. Take retail customer experience to the next level, by engaging with consumers thoughtfully and in unexpected ways. It pays off in loyalty.

Improve Customer Experience
retail reputation management
Remember, Your Reputation Matters
Streamline the Customer Feedback Process

Gofindo helps you implement Net Promoter Score (NPS), an effective and easy way to capture and measure customers’ feedback. Ditch the paper surveys and response cards. Instead, provide customers a seamless in-app experience and ensure that you hear exactly what your customers are thinking. Our feedback management tools make the entire process simple.

Get Closer to Customers
Design Your Own Mobile App to Connect

More than 97% of consumers look for businesses online and one-third of them read local reviews on mobile apps. Be sure they find you. Design your own mobile app, which gets you closer to your customers. Use Gofindo tools to gain critical insights into their behaviors while escalating your business to new levels of customers engagement and success.

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How You Can Benefit from Mobile Marketing
Give Consumers What They Expect
Listen to Real Feedback from customers
Listen to Real Feedback
Hear Immediately from Consumers

Gofindo feedback management tools give you the means to collect feedback directly from customers, with no middleman. You can get customer comments on your service and listen to exactly what your customers have to say. Use the feedback to hone your marketing strategies and strengthen your brand.

Keep Your Customers Central
Make Better Decisions That Matter

We’ll give you tools that help you gauge customer satisfaction, needs and preferences, so you can make better decisions, preferences. With the information you gather, you can enhance their experience at every level, whether improving employee training, boosting customer service, adding new products or even providing special offers.

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build your brand advocates
Build Your Brand Advocates
Seek and Earn Positive Online Reviews

The great majority of consumers – 85% – trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Use Gofindo’s simple tools to create and maintain a best-in-class reputation that will help you build a community of people who will post the good word about your business. Go for five stars!

You’re neglecting a chance to grow your business if you don’t take advantage of opportunities to hear and understand your consumers’ voices. Tune in to what’s working and what’s not. Find out how customers feel about every part of your business, from customer service to shipping. We can help. We can develop an agile feedback loop so you understand consumers’ needs and wants. We can also help you implement NPS score feedback, for quantifiable data with each customer interaction.

Don’t wait to tap into what your customers say. Try Gofindo Today

Know the each feature frequently asking questions
Brand reputation management is the process by which you monitor and identify how consumers are responding to your business and what they are saying about you. It includes taking steps to steer responses so that they reflect your brand goals. Today, reputation management services take place largely through social media.
Customer feedback gives you insights into why customers feel the way they do about your business. There are many ways to collect feedback, but some of the most popular include using surveys, instituting feedback boxes on your website, collecting user activity with analytics and monitoring social media channels.
Brand reputation is what makes you stand apart from your competition. Your reputation is based on consumers’ perceptions of you. Because the customer is always right, it is absolutely critical to nurture your reputation. It makes a consumer conduct repeat business with you, and everything you do affects it.
You can measure customer satisfaction in any number of ways, but you should be sure to use several foundational measures. You can measure consumers’ overall satisfaction as well as their loyalty. You should also assess product or service attributes and intention to buy again. Then, respond and make corrections as needed.
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