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Gofindo’s platform helps you create your own marketing campaigns that are targeted and result driven.
With Gofindo you can embrace the retail transformation and send your push notifications without a mobile app. Crazy but true...
Shopping Centre Analytics

It has never been easier or faster to engage with your customers using beacon technology. You can easily set up and personalize your own custom campaigns from the dashboard in no time. It is literally a matter of minutes! When it comes to professionalism and effectiveness, Gofindo’s got you covered…

Segment Filters

Increase the effectiveness of your campaign by using a wide range of available filters on our cloud platform. You can narrow down your target audience by adding filters that are relevant to your current needs like gender, age, number of purchases, last visit, number of loyalty points and many more!

Shopping Mall Business Analytics Platform
Shopping Centre Behavior Analytics
Real-Time Analytics

Bluetooth Beacons on their own can only offer location data. But with using our platform, Gofindo enhances Bluetooth Beacon usability by collecting rich customer data and analytics. That includes behavioral and social data, names, emails, brand familiarity etc. And the best thing? You can collect all this data in real time!


Gofindo helps you form healthy relationships with your customers. It takes full advantage of beacon technology and allows you to detect whether someone new purchases from you or they have bought before. This way, you can make special offers and present loyalty programs when the action takes place!

Shopping Mall Business Analytics Platform
How You Can Benefit from Proximity Marketing
Reach Customers Locally With Beacon Technology
Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform

Wave goodbye to the complications that usually come with managing digital platforms. With Gofindo’s easy to use digital infrastructure, marketing to your customers becomes hassle-free.

The user-friendly dashboard design requires no expertise to use and configure and it will make you feel like you were using it your whole life.

Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform for merchants

With Gofindo you can now create within your retail store and also monitor the performance of each one more effectively.

This way, you can closely watch every zone and depending on their performance, you will be able to take the relevant actions that will be required. You shouldn’t settle for less!

Benefits of Shopping Mall Engagement & Loyalty Platform for consumers
Remote Monitoring

When it comes to owning multiple brick and mortar stores and keeping track of your retail customer base that is divided across multiple locations, look no further.

As a business owner, keeping all the information about your proximity advertising campaign together is what you should expect when using our platform.

Know the each feature frequently asking questions
Beacon Marketing is a system that distributes Bluetooth advertising content and uses a location-based technology to transmit marketing messages with customers directly through their smartphones.

In other words, it is basically about communicating with all of your customers when they are located in the right place and at the right time.
Bluetooth Beacons are the size of a smartphone or smaller, designed to send signals to Bluetooth mobile devices. Their main use is to detect human presence in the vicinity, understand location awareness within store environments and, activate pre-programmed actions to send push notifications to mobile devices via a browser or mobile app.
Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE technology) is the wireless technology incorporated in beacons to emit a BLE signal and connect with smartphones in proximity to its signal. That signal is supposed to be picked up by mobile devices and directly communicate with the beacons to collect information.
Proximity Marketing is here to stay. Not understanding and appreciating the power this new technology has can prove dangerous to your business enterprise as other merchants start using it.

75% of top 20 US brick & mortar business enterprises already use proximity marketing technology for their marketing strategy. This kind of marketing helps retailers to deepen their relationship with their customers on a level they couldn’t before. This way, they increase sales, build a stronger brand and grow their market share.
Increase Your Shopping Mall Visitor With New Beacon Technology

Beacon technology and mobile engagement platforms can help bring people back and create better customer relationships, encouraging brand loyalty, and here’s how.


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