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Become a Gofindo partner and drive more loyal customers to your business!

46% of Macy’s revenues come from 9% loyal customers - Wall Street Journal research

Engaged and loyal customers are now the #1 revenue driver for many businesses!

Gofindo is looking to partner with shopping malls, retail chains, venue (sporting stadium, food courts) and marketing agencies, to offer a complete customer engagement and rewards program to their clients.

Gofindo Partner Program Advantage

Gofindo enables partners to effortlessly build tailor-made mobile engagement programs that connect and reward their customers in a personal and efficient manner.

Gofindo provides a cloud-based point of sale and digital marketing platform that is tightly integrated tracking, analyzing and providing actionable insights on marketing metrics.

Gofindo mobile solution eliminates the need for retailers to invest significant funds in creating their own standalone mobile application.

Gofindo’s dashboard and analysis of customer purchase and marketing data, provides insight and opportunity for a partner to increase their business’s revenue potential.

Why Gofindo Mobile Customer Engagement Platform For Your Business?

Shopping Centers



1. Send push messages directly to mall traffic
2. Beacon based proximity marketing
3. Increase traffic and dwell time
4. Create engage zones to drive more traffic



1. Remove long queues in venue
2. In-seat concierge services
3. Frictionless check out process
4. Leverage ultrasound technology for sponsored advertising



1. Enhance your portfolio by adding a loyalty solution
2. Offer innovative, out-of-the box technology at a premium
3. Creative design and strategy consultation for Gofindo platform

Want to be our Partner?