Get Clients to Tomorrow with Mobile Money
Adopt a Digital Wallet Option Today
Tomorrow’s money is mobile, with mobile payments growing at 52% annually. Mobile payments, or digital wallets, add convenience for customers while boosting your own growth.
Seamless Payment Experience
Mobile Purchases are on the Rise

Make start-to-finish customer convenience and ease of use a priority with mobile payments. You’ll gain additional customer loyalty and acquire a competitive edge. Mobile payments grew by more than 15% in the last four years, with no signs of stopping as tech-savvy millennials start to dominate the market.

Optimize Payment Costs
You Can Afford Mobile Payments

You do not have to pay high consignment costs for a single feature. Gofindo’s affordable, mobile payment solutions offer the industry’s lower payment costs, so you can actually afford to institute a mobile payment app. Depending on the package you select and your activity (use more, spend less), your costs can actually go down.

Mobile Payment Solutions To Save Consignment Cost
Mobile POS Terminal Provider
Robust and Secure Hardware
Make Payments Both Simple and Safe

You can be sure that every one of your customers knows their mobile payments are safe. Gofindo point-of-sale (POS) terminals and other tools are both robust and secure. With our integrated secure payment system, customers can select their preferred payment modes. They’ll feel at ease and come back to buy with confidence.

How Mobile Payments Help Customer Loyalty
Stay in Step with Technology Changes
POS solutions to accept Debit, Credit Cards, Apple Google & NFC Payments
Friction-free Client Payments
Give them the Perfect Final Touch

When you use Gofindo’s easy point of sale solutions, including terminal and NFC payments, you’re giving customers the perfect final touch for their shopping experience. Our tools ensure that payments are friction-free, smooth and secure. You benefit because the simpler you makecustomer checkout, the more loyalty you acquire.

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One-Click Cart Payments
Give Shoppers the Ease They Want

Choose GoFindo’s card wallets to give customers what they want: in-app payments that work instantly. Clients can pay with one click from their mobile shopping cart. It’s simple and what clients are coming to expect -- 44% of global consumers want to pay for restaurant and café visits via smartphone.

One Click In-App Payments
PCI compliance - Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security for Payments
Give Clients Real Peace of Mind

Your clients don’t need to know the details of PCI compliance. They only need to know that you are keeping a promise to be sure their information is safe. Gofindo tools provide you with a reliable, secure environment so that you can accept, process, store and transmit credit card information safely.

Fees You Can Afford
No Waiting with Instant Transfers

When you partner with GoFindo, you’ll discover pleasingly low consignment fees – cost is no longer a barrier to instituting mobile payments. We offer the industry’s lowest payment charges, which decrease, based on your package. Our instant transfers help you get money in your accounts more quickly.

low consignment fees
Know the Gofindo Mobile Payments feature frequently asking questions
Gofindo makes it easy to get started! With our Payment Integration Wizard you can setup an account in minutes with our trusted Payment Processing partner, Stripe, and effortlessly integrate it with Gofindo to begin accepting payments from all over the globe quickly and securely.
Gofindo takes the hassle out of the process and helps you get set up to accept payments as soon as possible. The minute you have completed the registration process and fully integrated your account with Stripe using our Payment Integration Wizard you will be ready to start accepting payments.
With Gofindo and Stripe you can easily accept payments in over 135 currencies from all major credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more. In addition, payments made in foreign currencies can still be received in your native currency, adding an extra level of flexibility to the process. For a full list of accepted cards and currencies in your location please click here.
Gofindo and Stripe use a straightforward and predictable payout schedule system, so you will always know when the transfers will be made and won’t be left guessing as to when they will arrive. These times vary from 2 days to 7 days depending on your location. Click here to find out exact time frames in your country.
Gofindo has 4 easy-to-understand pricing options, ranging from our ‘Freemium’ service up to our ‘Professional’ plan at $199.00/month and everything in between. With great discount plans of up to 40% for our yearly subscription options, we are sure you’ll find an option which fits your budget. Click here to see full details of our plans, discounts, and benefits.
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