What Automated Marketing Means for You
Make Your Marketing More Efficient and Effective
When you use an automated marketing solution like Gofindo’s app, you save time delivering your marketing campaign while you boost its effectiveness. Use our retail automation tools to reduce hassles and streamline processes.
Simple One-Time Setup
Create Innovative Campaigns in a Flash

Ditch the countless hours you spend trying to develop and strategize individual social media campaigns, effective mass email promotions and mailed coupon lunch specials that may never be seen. With Gofindo’s easy tools, you can create tailored, innovative and automated campaigns in a flash. Let our platform do the rest.

Reach Your Ideal Segment
Bring Precision to Your Marketing Efforts

Use Gofindo mobile marketing automation to tap into the power of automated marketing. Segment and personalize your marketing efforts with real precision. Choose customer segments to send relevant messages to the right customers. You’ll create a connection while you reduce marketing costs, close the loop on your promotional strategies and deliver proper leads and sales.

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Target Your Trigger Types
Reach Customers at the Optimal Time

Do you have a hard time deciding when and how to reach your customers? With the Gofindo app, you can access multiple trigger types that factor in time and geolocation. You can contact your customers at the best time possible to increase your open rate, customer engagement and overall sales.

How Automated Marketing Benefits Your Business
Use Cases for Automated Marketing
Push notifications marketing
Effective Push Notifications
Infuse Your Down Time With Profits

Create push notifications that work and make your dead days profitable. Mobile apps integrate your push notifications with your overall marketing strategy. Sharpen your notifications by harnessing factors such as data and location awareness to send smart, alluring messages to your loyal consumers and infuse your down time with profits.

Win Back Inactive Customers
Give Clients Reasons to Return

With the Gofindo email campaign tool, you can take advantage of consumer analytics to win back inactive customers. Identify inactive and non-repeat customers who’ve opted out of push notifications or who haven’t visited you in too long. Design incentives to show them they matter, including loyalty programs, rewards, promotions and new menu options.

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SMS Marketing Automation Campaigns
SMS Campaigns That Work
Stand Out from Other Messages

Design an SMS campaign that stands out from the ocean of messages your customers receive. Don’t wait for them to see your promotion after scrolling through their social media feed or email inbox. Make your marketing messages land just where they should with SMS marketing automation that ensures your customers see and act on your offers, promotions and rewards.

Set It and Forget It
Drive Your ROI More Effectively

Use the Gofindo platform to streamline your marketing efforts and drive your ROI more effectively. Slash the time you spend arduously setting up and monitoring your marketing campaigns. Our marketing automation campaigns run all day. They draw on user behavior triggers that increase your foot or website traffic and boost your bottom line.

Mobile Marketing Automation To Drive ROI

Give yourself the benefit of the Gofindo marketing automation expertise. We leverage a multichannel approach that collects data from your customers. Our platform also enables automatically engaging customers via data points through multiple channels (email, SMS, in-app). You can also tie back through other channels of engagement (geo-location, etc).

Know the each feature frequently asking questions
Marketing automation uses software to steer and complete marketing tasks and workflows that can otherwise be repetitive, bringing efficiency to marketing strategy and execution. For example, it helps drive sales leads and personalizes messages. One of the benefits for stores and small businesses is how it helps support customer engagement.
Marketing automation helps create a personalized, more responsive sales funnel for consumers by delivering consistent on-brand messages. It relies on data to help boost customer loyalty and engagement by providing multiple channels in which customers can interact. Both the sales and buying experiences are more seamless, benefiting both business and consumer.
Push notifications, which are messages that pop up on a mobile device, permit direct communication with a user. They can be sent at any time, whether or not the user is in the app or using their mobile at the time. They reach only users who have installed the app and enabled notifications.
Proximity marketing is a system that uses location-driven technologies to communicate directly with consumers on mobile devices. Its benefits are reaching the consumer at the right place at the right time, by sending offers that are personalized and relevant. It can be highly effective when the right consumer data is used.
Marketing automation produces more results than any other marketing method. It saves time, increases customer engagement, provides more timely communications and boosts sales opportunities. About two-thirds of companies that stay ahead of their competitors use marketing automation. It is the leading new technology that businesses plan to use, if they have not already done so.
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