Keep Customers Happy, Strengthen Your Brand
Use Rewards to Retain and Engage
Your business must both acquire and retain customers. Engagement is the key, and a captivating rewards program helps you succeed. It’s a winning, affordable tool.
Tap Repeat Customers
Bring Them Back More Often

With Gofindo, you can build your own loyalty program. Use it to be sure that new customers become repeat customers and that repeat customers stay loyal. It’s an efficient, affordable and effective way to build and maintain your base. And, repeat customers spend more per visit. It’s a win-win!

Do Customer Loyalty Well
Easily Drive More Frequent Visits

The Gofindo comprehensive loyalty and rewards program is easy to set up, simple to use and efficient in serving customers, for any size business. Done well, loyalty programs can help drive more frequent visits and heavier purchasing. Don’t wait to tap revenue that’s just sitting out there waiting. Get started today.

start Customer Loyalty program to drive visits
omni-channel loyalty experience
Win Them Over, Anywhere
Draw in Customers Wherever They Shop

Gofindo offers you tools to provide your customers an omni-channel loyalty experience. That means that you can target them wherever, whenever and however they’re shopping you’re your store, on your website, or with your app, day or night. You can deliver tailored offers that customers can’t resist.

How Rewards and Points Systems Boost Your Business
Gain Keen Insights into Customers
personalized digital loyalty and rewards program
Treat Customers Like Royalty
Use Insights to Create Dazzling Offers

Gofindo gives you the ability to treat your customers like royalty, with personalized loyalty offers and digital rewards. You’ll have insights into their behaviors and preferences, so you can reach them with offers they can’t resist. Acquire new customers and engage existing ones, then retain both with valued offers.

Know What’s Working
Reports that Truly are Useful Tools

Using the Gofindo loyalty analytics reports that you can generate with just a few clicks, you can understand what’s working for your business – and what is not. The deep insights you gain from the data your customers provide as they shop helps you tailor-make more practical and successful customer campaigns.

retail loyalty analytics
Maximize Customer Lifetime Value
Maximize Customer Lifetime Value
Connect with Customers Again and Again

When you nurture customer loyalty with savvy marketing strategies, including reward management programs, you’re developing lifetime relationships with your customers. You can maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) by creating repeated chances to interact with them. The Gofindo platform helps you retain customers, boosting CLV.

Points and Rewards by Gofindo

Gofindo’s loyalty and reward platform drives marketing while increasing revenue and overall customer repeat spending. Our tools help repeat sales – customers earn points with each purchase, which they can redeem for goods and services. Meanwhile, you collect important information such as CLTV and key demographics. You have critical information about your customers that can grow sales and profits while introducing other engagement factors to counter traditional discounting.

Know the each feature frequently asking questions
By definition, brand loyalty is when consumers demonstrate positive feelings towards a brand. They act upon t these feelings by buying the same product or service repeatedly from the same brand, regardless of competition or marketplace shifts. Points and rewards management programs are designed to encourage and enhance brand loyalty.
A loyalty program is a structured and strategic marketing program. It is designed to encourage consumers to return to stores and websites where they buy products or services. Incentives in loyalty programs may include additional discounts, free products or shipping, and access in advance to new products.
Loyalty marketing is a popular marketing approach that intends to build trust among recurring or repeat customers. As its name suggests, it rewards consumers for continually or consistently conducting business with a company. Loyalty marketing’s focus is to grow and retain customers using incentives.
Loyalty programs are also known as brand loyalty programs or customer rewards programs. They are a vital component in any attempt to retain customers, and a customer base is ultimately what is responsible for the success of a business. It provides businesses insight into how to shape and deliver their marketing efforts.
They are extremely effective when they are done right. More than seven in 10 global respondents – 72% – agree that, when all other factors are equal, they’ll buy from a retailer with a loyalty program over one without. Customer loyalty programs can be the deciding factor in whether or not a consumer buys from a business.
How Small Businesses Can Win Millennials Loyalty with Mobile Rewards

Did you know that Millennials make up 24% of the population, according to Nielsen? When you also factor in the Gen-Z population you get a total of 150 million individuals who are shopping.


Rewarding Customers While Rewarding Yourself

Did you know that when it comes to retail, around 40% of a company’s revenue is coming from repeat customers? This dramatic statistic showcases the importance of rewarding your customers so that they become repeat customers.