For Consumers, Convenience is Key
Best Customer Experience Will Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
Entertainment Loyalty Rewards Program
Frictionless Mobile Ticketing App
Reduce Queues, Save Time, and Collect Information Simultaneously

Gofindo empowers entertainment establishments to provide frictionless ticketing experiences to customers through a mobile app. With our QR Code check-in, you can validate every user's ticket details, decrease wait times, collect consistent consumer data.

Personalization & Relevance Is a Ticket to Success
Attract, Assist & Sell To Your Customers Using Triggers

With Gofindo, You can sell tickets while guiding consumers at every step of their in-store journey by providing personalized last minute offers and relevant cross promotions to enhance your engagement with your consumer base. Take your Customer Experience tactics to the next level.

Reward Every Customer
Loyal Customers
Converting Customer Loyalty Into Economic Advantage
Create an Army Of Loyal Customers with Deep Insights

World’s greatest businesses are built & supported by an army of loyal customers. With Gofindo’s simple-to-use Loyalty Rewards Point System lets entertainment businesses like yours, build their own loyal customer base while keeping them engaged with personalized offers. Start seeing a ripple effect of business promotions & sales with the Power of Mobile Customer Engagement.

Win Back Customers at Fraction of the Cost
Repeat Customer Spend 67% More than New Customer

Stop Devaluing your products and services to bring back repeat visitors. Start using Mobile Loyalty Points and Rewards to drive continual visits and consistent spends while building genuine relationships with valued customers all through a frictionless digital experience.

Entertainment loyalty & engagement app
Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app
Real-Time Feedback at the Right Movement
Be Proactive To Customer Feedback

In the age of social & digital media, you can’t take consumer feedback for granted. A negative review can ignite a spark of fire which can doom overall growth of your business. It’s time that you start collecting instant & quick feedback from all customers and make instant decisions to improve customer experience & quality of service. Adapt to a mobile platform that collects smart Customer Feedback, at the Right Time.

Digital Payments for New Age Consumers
2.1 billion consumers worldwide are Using Mobile Payments

Gofindo comes with an integrated digital payment solution which helps new age consumers pay for their orders through our mobile app without having their physical card presence. Enhance payment security, reduce overall transaction time, and make your payments Frictionless with Gofindo.

Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app