Make Every Mobile User Feel Appreciated
Gain the Edge on Your Competition
When you include custom personalization in your marketing strategy, you’re connecting with customers in ways that make them feel special. More than half of consumers – 52% – stay with brands due to personalization. When you personalize, you are retaining your loyal base. Plus, you’re putting yourself ahead of your competitors.
Branded Mobile Solutions
Share Your Brand Across Each Channel

Let the comprehensive Gofindo platform provide an omnichannel customer experience. It aligns with the wants and needs of each vertical while representing your brand. It offers 360-degree immersion when customers interact with your store, products and services, generating incredible, actionable insights.

Branded Marketing Collateral
Put Yourself in Front of Each Customer

With 68% of leading brands competing on the basis of customer experience, don’t miss an opportunity to impress clients. Gofindo provides you with eye-catching branded marketing collateral for every step of the customer journey. Prospects and customers notice your brand at your storefront, front desk and table tops.

Custom Branded Marketing Collateral
APP Personalization
Key Vertical Personalization
One Brand Size Does Not Fit All

We know that one size does not fit all where mobile app development is concerned, so Gofindo provides personalized verticals. A restaurant ordering process isn’t the same as an entertainment vertical based on ticket sales. We deliver effective custom templates, so you can pass along the best mobile experience to customers.

How to Leverage Custom Branded App Representation
Gain Brand Recognition and Sales
Brand Recognition for small business
Increase Brand Recognition
Put Your Message Out in Front

Let Gofindo put your brand identity out front – there’s no need to share your messaging with SAAS providers who hijack your message with their look and logos. We know how hard you’ve worked to establish your brand, so we help you make it star front and center in every customer experience, especially for in-store interactions.

Feature Your Identity
Deliver a Strong Brand Message

Nearly two-thirds of marketing leaders rely on messaging consistency to help carry their brand. When you partner with Gofindo, it is all about you. We don’t insert ourselves into your messaging. All marketing collateral to acquire and engage customers keeps your brand central,helping retain customers.

Deliver a Strong Brand Message
Get the Gofindo Brand Advantage

Branding keeps your customers loyal. An amazing 52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications to them. A whopping 65% of business buyers are likely to switch brands if a vendor doesn’t personalize communications with their companies.
Get the Gofindo advantage, which puts your brand at the forefront. We’ll help boost your digital image and presentation at a fraction of other providers’ costs. You’ll love working with our robust, easy-to-use tools.

Know the each feature frequently asking questions
What constitutes a brand generates a range of answers. They range from a brand being a company’s products to the feeling or idea linked to a product or service, identified with a company’s logo, slogan or image. You’re safe if you think of a brand as the personality of a business.
Consistency is a critical element in brand success. Along with conveying the key components of your company’s story, it suggestions that you are professional, predictable and dependable, all key factors in consumers sticking with you. People make purchases based on emotion, and consistency also helps build trust.
You must tell them repeatedly what you stand for. If they share your values, they are potential clients. Among other things, you must also provide excellent customer service, create a sense of community and reach them. Remember that more than half of consumers will leave brands that do not provide personalized communications.
You must create consistency so that customers feel that they are part of something larger. Fully engaging with them in communications across all channels is a key component here. Target your marketing strategies to reach the right people, and include ways for customers to interact with your brand and provide feedback.
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