Design a Memorable Personal Brand Experience
Keep Customers Close and Coming Back

Gofindo gives you the latest in customer engagement and behavior analytics technology. Combine the power of mobile, real-world situations and analytics for an irresistible brand experience.

Acquire Your Ideal Customers
Tell Your Story with Custom Branding

Gofindo provides you with an affordable, complete platform that helps you acquire customers with precision. No more ineffective mass mailings. Use data accumulation for effective customer onboarding, profiling and historical data. Implement targeted push notifications to send a message or URL that steers users toward the app store.

Engage Customers Directly, Better
Boost Understanding and Guide Consumers

With GoFindo’s intelligent targeting, you can create smart segments of customers based on demographics and activity. You can automate marketing with push notifications, in-app messages and emails based on location. Set up effortless payments for mobile ordering, in-app purchases, and in-app and POS payments.

Retain Your Loyal Base
Keep Customers Happy with Rewards

Gofindo helps you retain your loyal base with engagement strategies that customers love. Create and manage rewards programs that outshine competitors. Manage your reputation through direct customer feedback. Harness big data analytics to learn precisely what your customers need to keep coming back.

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