How to Reach Customers with Mobile
Gofindo provides a single platform to propel your entire mobile marketing strategy.

With Gofindo, you don’t have to piece marketing components together and hope they work together. Instead, use one platform that delivers efficiency, insight and power.

Loyalty & Rewards
Efficiently reach, acquire and keep customers

Gofindo’s tools help you locate, acquire and then retain customers with stand-out loyalty and rewards program. You’ll have everything you need to tap your loyal customer base and keep them coming back for more with your own branded rewards program. Repeat customers help your bottom line and save you marketing dollars.

Marketing Automation
Easily supercharge your marketing efforts

Reach out to and stay in tune with your customers on each step of their journey. Quickly create focused marketing campaigns that zero in on your ideal customers. Use our simple, all-in-one, web-based platform that includes email, social media, direct mail, lead generation and more. Marketing just became simpler.

Analytics & Customer Feedback
Refine your targets with precision

Today, it’s all about the customer and what they want and need. Gofindo analytics and customer feedback tools provide you sharp insights into every segment and channel of your business. Track customer experience and collect customer feedback in the moment. Hone your strategies and sharpen your brand.

Mobile Payments
Give your customers total convenience

Your customers want convenience, and you can provide it with mobile payments that are efficient and secure. Give your customer base an instant, cash-free payment method that is easy to set up and integrate. They’ll pay back the favor by increasing their loyalty to you – there’s no better bottom line.

Reputation Management
Get the A+ ratings and 5-start reviews you deserve

Today’s consumers seek out feedback online to decide if they want to do business with you. Be sure that your ratings and reviews are positive and that you manage your hard-earned online reputation appropriately. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation and your business. Let Gofindo help you keep it top-ranked.

Branded Mobile Solutions
Share Your Brand Across Each Channel

Let the comprehensive Gofindo platform provide an omnichannel customer experience. It aligns with the wants and needs of each vertical while representing your brand. It offers 360-degree immersion when customers interact with your store, products and services, generating incredible, actionable insights.

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