Built for Businesses That Sell Time
Let customers Book appointments around the clock.
Set your information & The Gofindo booking solution will make all your services instantly bookable through your own custom branded mobile store.
Booking, scheduling app
Never Miss A Booking
Your store is instantly mobile on both Android & iOS.

The Gofindo booking app is readily available with custom features like loyalty rewards, customer contact management, coupons, reminders, calendar integration, feedback management, payments, reports, mobile store, automated marketing and so much more! Reach your business goals consistently and increase your overall customer experience with Gofindo.

Say Goodbye To Slow Days
Run a Booking Campaign and go from Slow to High Octane.

Turn your slow days to Revenue Generators by running a mobile booking campaign and reach your targeted audience. With SMS, in-app or email based notifications based on your customer's geolocation Gofindo lets you reach your customers at the most oppertune times. Sell your slow day’s slots at special offer prices and increase your occupation rate, team productivity, and revenues while reducing the last minute rush on busy days.

Booking Campaigns
Booking Calendar
Sync to your Personal Calendar with Ease
Seamlessly Integrate with your Google Calendar

Sync with your personal Google Calendar so that you and your team’s availability are always accurate. Eliminate double bookings & automatically plan your team’s schedule by showing available times that consumers can book appointments, eliminating overall wait time.

Invitations, Reminders, Payments & More
We Have Everything that Your Business Needs

All your Mobile Booking needs, from One Platform. From checkout to feedback management, reporting and more, Gofindo puts all your booking needs together in a single platform making customer engagement simple, fast, and personalized.

Salon & Spa loyalty & engagement app