Why Data Intelligence & Digital Engagement is The Route to Success For Shopping Malls

With competition in the Retail and Property Management space at an all-time high, creating new and innovative ways to stand out amongst the competition is imperative. If Shopping malls are commonplaces in large towns and cities, how can some malls become more successful than others? The answer? By utilizing technological advances.

Data Intelligence and Digital Engagement are two of the latest innovations on the block and there are many ways in which shopping malls can take advantage of their benefits and push towards future success.

Collecting & Analyzing Customer Data

The ability to collect and analyze data is key when it comes to customer engagement. This helps malls link in with their customers and incentivize them with personalized services/offers that they will act on. In addition, the service is far more cost-effective than standard data collection methods.

Shopping Mall Apps and Wi-Fi Provisions

Customers all over the world want Wi-Fi provisions, and they want to be able to connect to useful information, which enhances their shopping experience. Studies have shown that customers who engage with brands via their cellphone are more loyal as a result. Developing a mall mobile app is, therefore, a must-have item in order to survive and thrive in the current technologically-advanced climate.

Provide a More Worthwhile Service

Both digital engagement and data intelligence work hand in hand. When a customer uses a mall’s mobile app they are instantly connected to a wealth of information. This information helps to enhance a customers shopping experience by helping them to find the stores they want to visit while helping them visit stores they might otherwise not have thought of. During this process, data on preferences is being collected. This information can help to shape the future shopping experiences of customers, in a personal and targeted way.

Effective Mobile Marketing

When a customer downloads the mall app, they will automatically be linked to any events or specific activities which will be held at your respective mall in the coming months. Alerts can be sent via notifications to a customer’s phone, and this can even be integrated into the customer’s regular calendar on their phone, thus attracting more visitors for specific events throughout the year. More customers mean more income for the mall.

Stores within the mall can also sign up to the app, allowing them to market their discounts and deals to customers who use the mobile app. This can include flash sales and events that may be coming up. This works hand in hand with collecting data because it allows the app to understand the preferences and particular desires of various customers using your Mobile Mall App. All of this can be used to develop effective marketing strategies in the future.

Personalized Offers And Discounts

The data collected by the app can help with recognizing the personalized offers and deals which that particular customer might like in the future. By collecting data, you can help drive sales as clients are more likely to visit the mall to check a discount or promotion you have shared with them. Most customers visiting a mall are also not likely to visit only one store, even if they have only attended for a particular discount on that day.

Utilizing data intelligence with digital engagement is far simpler than it sounds, yet hugely effective for shopping malls and other entertainment outlets. By understanding customer preferences, via data collection, an intelligent and targeted marketing strategy can be developed. In turn, your customers will have a more enjoyable shopping experience while using the app, as well as being alerted to discounts, deals, and specific events they might like to attend.