Video Customer Retention Tips for Your Restaurant Business

Customer loyalty and retention is paramount for any business owner. Especially, if you are a restaurant owner or manager, loyal customers mean a lot for you. Data shows that if your customer is happy and loyal, they can spend up to 67% more than new guests. Building customer loyalty is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible as well. It takes lot of patience, perseverance, understanding and business strategies to increase customer experience and build loyalty over a period of time. To help your restaurant business retain customers and grow, we are sharing this Video Customer Retention Tips for Your Restaurant Business.

Like any other business strategy, if your customer engagement and retention efforts are executed properly, it can yield dramatic results for your restaurant business and certainly boost profits. As a restaurant owner or manager you should always keep in mind that a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25% and 95%.

According to marketing expert and speaker Paulo Calisto, it is easy for restaurant owner to build customer loyalty by increasing mind-share among the existing customers. By mind-share, Calisto has referred to the condition where how easily customers can think of your brand when they think of what your brand has to offer.

For any restaurateur, retaining restaurant customer is a major goal to increase repeat sales and boost revenue. If you manage to retain your customers in a way that they will always come back to you after a period of time, very soon you don’t need to spend dollars in acquiring new ones. This week’s video focus on restaurant customer retention strategies by exceeding their expectations.

For an instance, when we think of searching for something online, we always think of Google. In a similar manner, if your restaurant can become the first thing people think of when they want to eat the type of food you serve, you can dramatically increase customer loyalty.

In the following video, Calisto has shared some amazing tips that can help you increase customer loyalty and build mind-share among your restaurant customers.

Paulo is a renowned marketer with hospitality, business development, and restaurant operations experience. You can know more about him.

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