Top 5 Benefits of a Mobile App for Restaurant Owners and Managers

In the food and restaurant industry, it can be quite a challenge to stand out in the crowd and get customers walking through the door. As a business owner, you need to explore every avenue in order to survive in this landscape. One of the most successful and impressive emerging trends in this space is the use of mobile apps to engage and retain customers. Find out in this article what are – Top 5 Benefits of a Mobile App for Restaurant Owners and Managers.

Most restaurant owners want to provide quick and efficient customer service, expand their customer base, spread awareness regarding their brand, retain customers, provide easy payment options, and gather customer feedback. Most restaurant owners develop marketing strategies in order to help achieve these results.

All of these factors are important in order to succeed and this can be done with the help of a mobile marketing app. In fact, it has been successfully done by industry influencers like Starbucks. According to the reports provided by the coffee company, around 16% of the company’s total transactions were done on the app. Here are some great reasons why you should consider creating your own mobile app right now:

  1. Provide convenience to the user

An app can make the ordering process much easier for the customer, especially if they’re ordering a takeaway in a quick service restaurant (QSR). All they need to do is select the meal from the menu on the app, make their payment, and then pick it up. There’s no need to stand in queue for placing the order, and then for picking up the order. This saves both time and effort, which can have a positive impact on the sales. More people will be inclined to place the order if they don’t have to deal with crowds and queues at the restaurant.

  1. Offer location-based deals and incentives

Apps are often connected to the phone’s location services; which you can use to send custom location-based deals and incentives to your customers, when they’re in the vicinity of your restaurant. They’ll be more likely to walk into your restaurant outlet if they have a discount coupon or code and can save the money. The prospect of losing the discount often encourages customers to make a purchase even if they didn’t have the inclination to do so before. This mobile-based decision-making process has a big impact on traffic and revenue, which is why you should encourage it as much as you can.

  1. Build attachment with customer loyalty programs

Modern customers, especially millennials, value experience and personal association with brands and so you need to cultivate long-term relationships with them and help in customer retention. App-based customer loyalty marketing is personal, provides customers with control over their points, and allows them to actively keep track of all points. Restaurant Customer loyalty programs are known to provide better sales, more returns on investment, and improve overall user experience, and an app just improves upon these results by a considerable margin.

  1. Make millennials happy

Millennials are very tech savvy and love to use technology at all aspects of their lives. They’re also less hesitant to adopt new technology and use it. For example, if their favorite restaurant introduced an app, the millennials will be the first to download the app and give them a try. If you want to improve your engagement with the millennials, introducing a user-friendly and efficient app will be a good way to do it.

  1. Offer review and feedback

Apps will make it easier for customers to share their thoughts and experiences. They can leave star ratings or reviews on the platform immediately after they’ve finished eating or drinking at your restaurant, cafe or bar. The review system is quick and convenient, which will encourage more customers to share their thought as they won’t need to go seek out the review platform.

Gofindo mobile engagement platform can help you get all of these mobile marketing benefits and connect with customers on the mobile platform, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions.

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