Retain Customers Using Mobile App Engagement Strategies

Customer engagement and retention is difficult to come by so ensuring that businesses remain relevant and in the forefront of customer’s minds is essential. But, with so much competition, how do you break through the noise and become number one for a customer over the variety of other brands and businesses out there? The answer is utilizing growing technology by using a mobile engagement platform and here’s how.

When dealing with customers, businesses face multiple issues that might make a customer opt for a competitor so if you are struggling with one of these issues, using mobile apps would suit you.

Falling Into The Background

If a business does not actively remind customers, they can be forgotten about because competitors are aiming to entice them throughout the purchasing process. Many loyal customers have been lost, purely because businesses aren’t engaging them and loyalty cards that sit on the shelf or back of the purse are no longer enough to be memorable.

Using mobile apps allow you to stay in the forefront of their mind as customers use digital devices for shopping as well as their smartphones for day-today usage. By enabling push notifications, you can literally give them a nudge in the right direction and effortlessly draw their attention back to you.

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Misunderstanding Purchase Behaviour

Are you appealing to your customers’ actual purchase needs or grouping them together as a demographic? Why take a stab in the dark at what to offer your customers when you could understand how often they shop and what they usually buy.

Analytics in mobile engagement platform allow you to track user behaviour and listen to real feedback so you can understand and adjust to what users actually want. The more they purchase and use, they more you can be kept informed and make a product roadmap of what suits them best, allowing you to make better stock choices.

Difficulty of Use

Customers who have difficulty using your technology will switch off, which means you could be losing out on valuable customers, purely because they don’t understand it. As something you can change it is important to improve accessibility and listen to what your customers want. If you are unsure if your current processes are hindering ease of use, ask for feedback from your customers, use A/B testing to gauge what works well with your audience and what doesn’t. For example, if your demographic is heavily populated with the older generation they won’t be aware of certain features or processes compared to the millennials or younger demographic who are easily adaptable to technology.

Providing a seamless, Onboarding experience can significantly reduce abandonment rates and improve customer perception of your brand as accessible. Do this by making login or account creation easy, reducing the number of steps for signing up and giving plenty of registration options.

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Taking Customers For Granted

If you don’t reward your customers, they will leave. It’s that simple, because they have no incentive to choose you over competitors and remain loyal. Businesses that focus on customer retention should engage and incentivize rewards to stand out among the impersonal offerings of competitors. Personalization helps provide a unique, relevant experience to the use and the more aligned this is with the user’s needs and preferences, the more likely they will continue to use the application.

More customers mean more revenue

so overcoming these challenges are in your best interests, but most importantly, a business owner can increase brand identity, stay connected with customers and increase customer retention.

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