Phone Booking Vs. Mobile App Booking - Which Is Right For My Salon & Spa Business?

There is a particular process that clients use when looking at booking appointments with their favorite salons and spas. This current process usually involves calling to check if there's a spot open on a particular date or time and one of the staff members would check the schedule, then confirm or deny availability. While this system works, it isn't the most efficient way to go about booking appointments for a client or a salon/spa team. Mobile technology has changed the way spas, and salons handle appointments. There are many tools currently available in the market, like a mobile app for appointment booking. At Gofindo, we encourage business owners to consider mobile applications to aid the efficiency and consumer touchpoints for their establishment.

Phone Booking vs. Mobile App Booking – Which is Better?

Most business owners should consider the pros and cons of new technologies or systems before they commit to them. Here’s a brief comparison between the two options: traditional booking systems vs. mobile booking to help you make the right decisions:

Resources – Maintaining a phone booking system requires resources. You need a dedicated phone line and staff to operate it throughout working hours. This can be a drain on your resources. In comparison, a custom app powered by Gofindo doesn’t require any resources. The schedule is damaged and updated automatically.

Planning – With phone booking, you need to manage and plan your day manually. You will have to look at the list of appointments, make sure there are no double bookings, and ensure all appointments and staff remain on schedule. The Gofindo app plans and schedules everything automatically, which means you save time and effort on the scheduling process.

Payments – Phone booking provides no opportunity for online pre-payments. All payments are made after the appointment, which can be a little challenging to manage, especially if a client doesn’t show up. The app offers clients the opportunity to pay for their appointments in advance through a convenient online payment gateway.

No Shows – The traditional system has a much higher rate of no shows compared to mobile app booking systems. That can prove to be quite expensive and make a dent in your profits. Mobile app booking has a much lower no show rate to ensure a consistent rate of clients per day, while increasing overall profits.

Customer Satisfaction – It has been found that interacting with a mobile application when rating customer satisfaction on a service or product will generate a more honest and candid response. With a well-designed app you can ensure customers can easily book appointments that don’t conflict with your existing schedule while generating accurate responses towards the services they received. This improves their levels of satisfaction.

Customer History – Your staff will have to manually search through the customer's history and records to find their requirements and preferences. This can affect customers experience and make an appointment more difficult for your staff. With Gofindo, our app provides all necessary information about a customer like preferences, history, payment options, styles, etc., at the touch of a tablet screen. This can improve their experience and make it easier for your staff.

Marketing – You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to market services if you can only rely on phone conversations or messages. An app allows you to directly deliver coupons, offers, and promotional content to a large customer base at the click of a button.

Booking Hours – Phone booking can only happen during business hours when your staff is available. The app can be accessed 24/7 so customers can book an appointment at any time.

The comprehensive range of services provided by the app can take your business to the next level. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Gofindo. Our team will answer any question you have on the matter.