Mobile: The New Digital Opportunity to Improve Customer Engagement and Sales Performance

Mobile technology and mobility largely adopted in consumers daily life have been brought to the business sphere meeting employees’ requirements to work anytime anywhere from any device in the same conditions as at the office. They drive new ways of working, improving productivity and sales performance. The technologies also give companies the opportunity to improve their customer relationship by increasing their interactions. We have created this blog – Mobile: The New Digital Opportunity to Improve Customer Engagement and Sales Performance, based on a recent report published by the European Commision.

Mobile Consumerization serving business

Mobile technology covers a broad scope and refers to the use of mobile devices in a mobility situation. Typically, mobile devices refer to smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables, and support different forms of communication through the use of websites and applications specifically designed for mobile devices. Mobility now is about the ability to access and to use information and communications services no matter the physical location – at home, commuting, or at a customer’s office. The undeniable increase of interest and the strong adoption of mobile and mobility by consumers in their private lives’ have naturally led to the use of those mobile technologies in the corporate sphere.

Adapting to mobile technologies is becoming crucial for businesses

Consumers increasingly pushing IT department’s into supporting consumer tools in the business environment, IT departments are being faced with an increasing number of challenges regarding the number of devices to manage and differing IT systems. At the same time, this push is being further influenced by the acceptance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in some enterprises which contributes to the evolution of the entreprise’s mobility strategy. Mobile platforms are thus being adapted to support corporate requirements. Some mobile platforms include capabilities such as VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and all support for corporate applications.

Mobility benefits for employees and customers

Many companies expect to perceive important gains when introducing the mobility concept into their business. Process efficiency and employee productivity are expected to increase thanks to employees’ access to real time information and accurate data. Mobility allows employees to be linked to the office network when being out of office in order to access customer databases or accounting systems. Simultaneously the elimination of manual processes (eg. writing reports) helps in increasing productivity while minimizing human error and reducing paper consumption. Mobility also leads to greater work flexibility which favours employees’ work-life balance.

Improving customer engagement

The use of mobile systems increases businesses’ interaction with the final client providing them with a better level of customer service, reducing their time of service delivery and improving their degree of personalisation. Indeed, mobile applications can help businesses deliver an innovative experience to their customers. When observing consumers behavior, their smartphones are often their closest channel of influence. It is thus becoming necessary for enterprises to develop mobile applications and mobile websites in order to interact with customers. Push notifications, emails or SMS rank among the top customer engagement forms offered by mobile and mobility technologies.

Business opportunities – sales

Mobile technology has become a new way to interact with customers as smartphones and tablets become their preferred communication channels. Indeed, as customers change their behaviour with the development of digital technology, there is a clear opportunity for enterprises to strengthen the relationship with their customers through mobile applications. In order to do so effectively, enterprises need to invest in applications and websites designed for mobile devices.

Access the complete European Commission report

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