Increase Your Shopping Mall Visitor With New Beacon Technology

Retailers and business owners are facing more and more challenges with lost shoppers and visitors to their stores, therefore losing revenue, but they are missing a trick. Beacon technology and mobile engagement platforms can help bring people back and create better customer relationships, encouraging brand loyalty, and here’s how.

Half of US households are estimated to have an Amazon Prime membership meaning fewer consumers are looking to leave the house to shop and when they do, they don’t get the experience that they want. With large mall layouts meaning some can’t find what they are looking for or boring displays that no-longer encourage a shopper inside, it has become clear that retailers need to do something to change.

According to Essential Retail, in the UK 70% of customers decided they would not return to a store if there were waiting in long queues during their last visit and with several US retail giants including JC Penney, Macy’s and Wal-Mart being forced to close outlets this can have a knock-on effect on the smaller chains that benefit from their shopper-drawing presence.

Clever retailers are starting to realize that bringing their physical stores into the modern age using beacon technology is a new and interesting way to interact with shoppers.

When combined with a mobile marketing platforms such as Gofindo it helps to segment their demographic, find out more about their customers to appeal to them and help to bridge the gap between online and offline, creating a relationship with customers that is long-lasting and fosters loyalty.

How Beacons Can Help:

  • Shopping Centre Analytics – Beacon technology can teach retailers about their customer’s buying behavior and current purchase trends by tracking how much time customers have spent at an outlet and how many times that they visited. This gives a better idea on what to stock that will draw customers in and how current culture may be affecting their buying behavior.

  • Mapping – Large shopping malls can be confusing for consumers and those who can’t find what they want will assume you aren’t meeting their needs. Beacons can give customers’ direction and inform them where you are so they can easily find the location, streamlining their shopping center experience and importantly, making sales.

  • Long-Term Relationships – Rather than a customer visiting once and then forgetting about your brand or business, beacons allow you to connect with them so you can foster the relationship long-term. Collect data on their habits and what appeals to them or have a way to contact them to follow up on their experiences to improve for the future. Communication and marketing are key when targeting customers and beacons and platforms help you do this.

  • Interactive Experiences – Interacting with customers makes their shopping less boring and you as a retailer more memorable. This can help you appeal to those who like online shopping while engaging with them in real life and avoiding them getting bored in store.

  • Fostering Mall Loyalty – If you are meeting the needs of the customer then they are more likely to return and remain loyal to your brand in future, it’s that simple.

  • Complements Marketing Strategies – Beacons shouldn’t just be implemented for the sake of it, they should be used as a way to deliver campaigns and promotions to target customers and give them more incentives to visit you in store. This could be a delivered loyalty program or a sign-up campaign or even competitions but these are high value and should incorporate your business strategy.

  • Reduce The Queues – Queuing kills the experience for customers so using beacons can help them get the product information to their device which means that you will be dealing with sales at the tills rather than questions which can increase the time it takes to serve customers and make queues more likely. Platforms can also offer frictionless payment to speed the process and make it more efficient too.

It’s important to note that in order to segment and adapt your targeting using beacons, you need a multi-channel marketing platform to offer one-to-one marketing and collect data on habits. This is where Gofindo comes in. Make sure shoppers come back time and time again to your retail outlet by using Beacons technology and enhancing their overall experience. Visit our website or contact a member of the team for more information on how the Gofindo mobile engagement platform can help you and your retail business.

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