How to Keep your Sales Momentum Rolling After Holiday Season

Steps to Keep Your Business Thriving after the Holidays

During the holiday season, many businesses see a huge increase in their sales. However, once the holidays are over, things tend to slow down. Many businesses see a drop in sales and a decrease in the number of new customers coming their way. Within this blog, there will be several steps that businesses can use in order to turn those new first-time customers during the holidays into loyal customers who repeatedly visit. For businesses who implement these steps, they will find it easier than ever to keep their sales momentum going even after the holidays have passed.

Collect Customer Data via Mobile Apps

One of the best ways to keep your sales rolling in after the holidays is to utilize a mobile app to collect customer data. While everyone may be busy with restocking, arranging deliveries and the like, it is important to make time for data. Gathering consumer data is extremely valuable for businesses to learn what their audience wants and needs. This type of information can be invaluable to a business. Mobile apps are great for today’s customers who are all about technology. The key aspect to remember is that this mobile platform must be easy to use. Having this mobile app available during the holiday season is imperative as a new study shows that during the holidays, businesses increase their data collection by 73%!

Collecting Customer Profiles

Having outstanding customer service during the holidays will keep people coming back to you. The holidays are stressful, and many times tempers and nerves are thin. Train your employees on how to interact with customers during the holidays, along with employees suggesting to customers, both new and old, that they should sign up for the mobile app in order to start creating customer profiles. You can give customers incentive through giving mobile rewards for in-store purchases that can be redeemed via the mobile customer engagement platform.

Once you start collecting customer data, you will see that this will help to re-target customers, bringing them back to you. This consumer data will let you know what your customers are interested in, and give you insights as to how to improve your marketing, products and services.

Have a Retention Campaign

You will need to have a retention campaign that is set up based on the behavior of the customer. With proximity marketing, you can use triggers like “First-time customers”, “customer age or gender”, “customer location” and “customer order value” that are equipped with personalized messages. Utilize retail analytics programs to see which campaign works, allowing you to make changes where needed to help increase the sales and foot traffic to your store.

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