How Small Businesses Can Win Millennials Loyalty with Mobile Rewards

Digital Rewards: How These Attract the Attention of Millennials

Did you know that Millennials make up 24% of the population, according to Nielsen? When you also factor in the Gen-Z population you get a total of 150 million individuals who are shopping. Therefore, so many businesses are focusing their efforts on learning who millennials/gen-z are, what they do in their spare time, how they show and what items that they are most interested in. This is a huge customer base that simply cannot be ignored. Those businesses who do ignore this group of people are going to be sorry that they did.

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What are Millennials and the Gen-Z Population Interested In?

What is it that attracts this demographic? What is it that they are most interested in? Knowing this information can give a business the heads up that they need to attract this customer base. There are several elements that millennials are looking for when they are choosing where to shop according to research. These elements include:

  • They are looking for a brand that shows them loyalty. They want a business to show them why they should be shopping there. Why is this? An estimated 63% of millennials feel that there are so many places to shop, thus they want some type of loyalty incentive to shop with your business.

  • Millennials will stick with a brand if they offer rewards. According to research, 22% will stick with a brand more if they have loyalty rewards. In addition, they want to know that the reputation/philosophy of the company is something that they can stand behind. Around 15% of millennials name this as a reason that they are loyal to a brand.

  • Millennials also want various types of rewards. They like having choices. Millennials want the choice to shop in store, on a website or even an app to earn their rewards, and this type of mindset is found in 80% of millennials!

  • An amazing 69% of Millennials stated that they were more likely to participate in a loyalty program if there is a mobile app available! This is one of the strongest signs that every business who want to attract millennials to their consumer base needs to focus on their mobile app development. Mobile loyalty programs for small business is a must, and these loyalty rewards program app should be considered a must as well!

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Convert this Demographic

The key to any business success is learning that technology changes, along with the methods to attract customers. For those looking to attract millennials and the gen-z population, loyalty apps are the way to go! Loyalty rewards program applications allow businesses to connect on a more personal level with their customers. Why is a loyalty program for small business so important? It offers several benefits. These include:

  • This makes everything much faster and easier. Millennials/gen-z want to do things as fast as possible, as this does include shopping. With customer loyalty apps this demographic can make shopping and getting rewarded even easier, and a much more pleasant experience.

  • Mobile applications are a progressive technology. Millennials are not going to be happy with businesses who use outdated technology, as they believe that technology is the future. Through using Digital Loyalty Apps you prove that your business is on the cutting edge of technology!

  • These types of apps also provide the Omni-Channel Experience. This means that they can gain rewards through not only shopping, but through using the mobile app, being online in general and the like. This is exactly the type of experience that this demographic is looking for.

  • Millennials/gen-z want businesses to more creative when it comes to getting their attention and their business. Through a mobile app you are doing just this! Businesses will want to choose a mobile app that is more personal to their brand, and one that is going to offer a marketing and analytics platform so that they can really dive into what makes this demographic special.

And for businesses who are ready to attract millennials/gen-z, they are going to find that going mobile is one of the best methods of doing this, and through using Gofindo. With Gofindo you get a marketing and analytics platform that will give you an even better idea of what is working to attract millennials. It will be information that will allow your business to grow.

Gofindo can help you build great loyalty programs and connect with customers on mobile platforms. Our app platform can automatically update contact information, send automated promotional offers and deals to customers, automate mobile marketing, and engage customers to keep them interested and provide feedback. So don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions or want to develop an app for your business.

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