How Beacons are Modernizing the Mall Space

Being a tenant within a Mall environment creates a tremendous need for In-Store Marketing. As a business owner, you have to stay ahead of the competition, while thinking about the next best thing. Utilizing Beacon technology has become an interesting method that many business owners are using on a daily basis, further changing the way they engage with their client base!

What are Beacons?

Beacons are pieces of hardware that can be attached to the wall, a countertop or any other high areas that are out of consumer reach. When a customer steps into a respective location, beacons have the ability to transmit messages via Bluetooth to a customer’s smartphone. This practice is often referred to as Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. Proximity Marketing through Bluetooth Beacons is a simple example of how Malls are becoming more digitized as they struggle to keep up with, grow and outperform online retailers. The key is to draw more foot-traffic into the mall environment, while increasing sales, contributing to the increase in overall sales mall wide. For Mall Tenants, today’s competitive landscape can be an uphill battle, but Bluetooth Beacons are making a huge difference.

How these Beacons Can be Used

Here are several ways in which Retailers and Mall Tenants can use Bluetooth Beacons to gain the benefits of more sales, data and traffic for your store. For example:

  1. Waiting in line during the checkout process is one of the biggest issues that customers have when going to brick and mortar stores to purchase their goods. Instead, Mall Tenants could use friction-less payment with these beacons to help get customers in and out at a faster rate, creating an enjoyable and easy customer experience.

  2. Track user behavior via Bluetooth Beacons. Beacons can provide insight to popular stores, dwell time, and repeat customer visits. It’s great to collect and have statistics where stores can create data based actions, keeping a store on the cutting edge of the competition.

  3. Bluetooth beacons can be setup at Mall Entrances, allowing customers to be welcomed into the environment through their mobile phones. Messages can be personalized to increase engagement with each customer. As a Mall Owner, Marketing Manager or Mall Tenant, you don’t want to overwhelm customers with too many discounts and offers all at once. Strategically set-up your Beacons and have appropriate triggers to send the right messages at the right times!

  4. Beacons can be placed in-store at specific areas e.g. special displays, promotional products etc. When a customer walks up, they can immediately receive an offer for that particular product. This type of targeted marketing is creates an easy in-store experience that allows the customer to be immersed within your brand and products through sight, sound, touch and most importantly through their Mobile Device. Sending targeted offers while the customer is near particular products increases the likelihood of product interaction and purchase.

  5. For those who are have stores in larger malls, the beacons can actually help with seamless navigation. Many times, the GPS technology that customers have will not work inside of malls, thus they are left to walk around and simply find what they are looking for. Beacon technology can help them to get to where they want to go with ease.

It should be noted that beacon technology can be attached to a shopping mall loyalty program if needed. This can be just another way that you are tailoring the shopping experience for that particular customer. Remember, the more tailored an experience is to each customer, increases the likelihood of enjoyment and repeat visits to shop at your location. With the help of beacon technology, offerings and overall customer experience is elevated to the next level both for mall tenants and the mall itself! If you are looking to implement Bluetooth Beacons and want a powerful customer engagement platform powering the interactions of beacons to customers, contact a sales representative from Gofindo today to learn more!

Gofindo can help you build great digital loyalty programs and connect with customers on mobile platforms. Our app platform can automatically update contact information, send automated promotional offers and deals to customers, automate mobile marketing, and engage customers to keep them interested and provide feedback. So don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions or want to develop an app for your business.

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