How a Thoughtful Mobile App Can Supercharge Your Customer Retention

A customer retention strategy is the most affordable way to ensure a business succeeds in the market, versus having to attract new customers each time. However, retaining customers that are loyal to a certain brand is becoming harder. Competition is becoming more and more in this entrepreneurial environment with similar concepts, services, offers, promotions and products to your business. Businesses can easily spend countless hours creating strategies on trying to get customers to come back to your store and continually spend with you. The good news: there may be an easier way of retaining customers that many businesses are not thinking of.

How Mobile Apps Help a Business

Many businesses whether they are online, or a brick and mortar store should consider having a mobile app. Why? It offers several benefits:

  1. Mobile Apps can help a business acquire customers and learn more about their customer. An app gathers data on user behavior, what they like, how many times they visit, how much they spend. These are all pieces of a puzzle that businesses can put together to get a better understanding of what businesses should be offering to entice their customers to become loyal and provide continual spend.

  2. Real-time Communication with your customers. Keeping the customers’ needs in mind is one of the key ways that businesses use to retain their customers for years to come. Customers want a business that not only provides amazing products and services, cultivates amazing offers for their customer base but takes the time to listen to their comments, answer questions and basically be supportive of what the customer wants. This can happen 24/7, making a business available at any time to the customer.

All these benefits will encourage a stronger customer/business bond, which will help retain more customers!

How to Make an App Thoughtful

The key point to remember with building or finding business app, is that this needs to be well thought out process. Gofindo promises to help your business reach its true potential on a mobile platform whether its building your own app or getting on the Gofindo Solution. Whichever option you choose, you want to remember that your app should contain:

  • Push notifications affordances! This is the latest way to stay in touch consistently with customers. When new products, offers or promotions are available, the app will send a notification to your customer base via their mobile device so they immediately see it. Your mobile app should be able to push notifications in app, through email and through SMS with multiple trigger types.

  • Sophisticated geo-targeting technology allows apps to utilize proximity awareness and beacon marketing. When a customer is within range of the store, then push notification will happen to alert of a sale or the like. Proximity Marketing can be rather useful when drawing customers to your store when in larger spaces that may contain several competing stores.

  • In App Promotions, Campaigns, Loyalty Points and Deals to Drive Traffic. These tactics will encourage customers to download and use app in the first place because these offers and perks are exclusive to your platform. You must give customers a reason to want to use a mobile loyalty app. By cultivating unique, personalized and special offerings will create frequency in use, and in turn frequent visits equating to customers retained to your business.

When dealing with Customer Retention, businesses have to realize that they need to go the extra mile. A mobile customer engagement platform is one of the best ways to retain those customers that are going to be simple enough to conform to your needs.

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