How A Customer Engagement App Can Change Your Retail Business for the Best

Retail business, shopping malls and other business owners can make their business succeed even more with a custom app designed just for their distinct purposes!

Did you know that consumers spend around 162 minutes on their mobile device every day, and the majority of this time is spent on apps! Are you a retail business owner that has yet to access this huge market? Have you tried several other methods of obtaining new customers and are still failing? If you have, you are not alone! Read the article to know more How A Customer Engagement App Can Change Your Retail Business for the Best!

Challenges Faced by Retail Businesses to Acquire Shoppers

There are several challenges that are facing retail business owners in today’s time. They have these obstacles coming from all sides it seems. This does explain why many businesses are not overcoming these challenges and are being bought out by larger companies or are going under altogether. What are some of these challenges?

  • Customers want more now than they did ten years ago. More and more customers want a customer experience that is not only found inside a store but online as well.
  • Customers want personalized offerings rather than the one-size-fits all loyalty program that many businesses have.
  • When a retailer ignores any channel of what the customer is wanting, they are going to find that they are missing out on hooking a customer.
  • Without the right data and the tools that can make this happen, many retailers are losing out on making more sales with the customers that they do have. Through the use of online analytics, a retailer can learn more about who their customer is and what they want!
  • Retailers need to provide an environment that goes seamlessly online and into real life for a customer to be truly happy with their experience. This type of experience is going to allow a retailer to have their brand seen across physical and digital platforms that will increase their exposure.

The problem with these challenges is that unless a business owner has truly embraced the power of online methods, they are not going to be dominating the market.

How to Help Your Business

So, how can retailers overcome these challenges and truly get the customer base they are wanting? There are several methods that these business owners are using. For example:

  • According to Smart Insights, businesses are utilizing social media and finding superior results. For example, 89% of businesses are utilizing Facebook to interact with customers, showcase new products and services, and build their brand. The entire report can be seen here.
  • Businesses are looking to more consumers for feedback. They are providing surveys for current customers to take to learn what they can improve on and offer to make customers happy with the retailer.
  • More businesses are ensuring that they do have some sort of website whether it offers ecommerce or not. According to HubSpot, 81% of shoppers are going to conduct online research before they are making big purchases.

Along with the above ideas, many businesses are turning to apps that are branded to their business. Why? There is a huge potential for an app that many business owners simply cannot overlook! In fact, an article via MarketingLand points out that apps are in many cases taking over the website that a person once put their heart and soul into!

The key that all retail business owners need to remember is that the industry is one that is challenging. If you fall behind the times, and do not embrace how technology can help you, you cannot except to get new customers. Therefore, a personalize app is one of the biggest ways that you can help your business. And here at GoFindo, we can help build you an app that is going to engage, bring in new customers and retain those old customers.

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