Foot Traffic: How to Accurately Measure and Increase Customer Visits to Your Store

Need to Increase Customer Visits? Here are Some Ways to Get More Foot Traffic

To be a successful brick and mortar store, foot traffic is key! The more consumers that visit your store, the better your business will be. One common struggle that all business owners know, is that increasing foot traffic to your store is a constant struggle. How can this burden be eased?

First Step: Know your Current Foot Traffic

One of the first steps that a shopping mall or retail store owner must do is to measure the current foot traffic within their establishment. Tracking customers in retail stores is not simply about counting every person that comes through the door. After all, this would be a devoted position and it’s very difficult to track! When tracking foot traffic, it is imperative to capture data in its current state, which will aid in creating strategies that will show increasing results over time. Counting foot traffic with specific software is a much more accurate way of knowing exactly how many people are visiting your store.

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Get Social!

Social engagement is also a great way to gain an understanding of your current foot traffic and measure this for the foreseeable future. For example, utilize event marketing that requires customers to check in. How do you make these customers check in? Customer incentive programs are great ways to check in customers. An example of this is offering a coupon or other incentives that make customers realize the value of checking when attending these events. You can even create an event that requires customers to RSVP with certain data, that can be valuable when it comes to increasing your business intelligence in the retail industry.

Special events often allow a business owner to have a good idea of their foot traffic in a short period of time. This has been proven to be a great marketing strategy for shopping mall stores! Keep in mind, this method might only be accurate for special event days but it can help you create strategies to keep those numbers consistent during some slower times.

How to Use this Data

We are in a retail digital transformation! While your business may be brick and mortar, you might be relying on more and more digital plans in order to make your business successful. With all the competition that might impede on your sales and overall revenue, you have to ensure that you are getting an increasing volume of foot traffic in your store which will result in new customers that you can retain for the long haul. Gofindo is a Mobile Marketing platform that can address several challenges of business owners, including social engagement and much more! It is digital tools like Gofindo that helps brick and mortar businesses stand out in the crowd!

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Once you have the foot traffic data, you will need to analyze and view trends within your brick and mortar business. Are there more people at certain brands/displays/areas in your store? Do you find that special events bring out even more people? Perhaps your customer incentive programs are really drawing in a crowd! These are the types of questions that you can answer when you have data that can clearly be understood.

Remember, we are living in a competitive market especially when it comes to the brick and mortar industry. Businesses everyday are looking for ways in which they can get ahead of the competition. Understanding your foot traffic is just one way that you can get ahead!

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