Are You Missing Out on Revenue Opportunities for Your Salon & Spa Business?

How Technology is The Key to Greater Revenue For Your Salon & Spa Business

You don’t need us to tell you that the salon and spa business can be difficult. Success is defined by how well you can keep your existing customers while attempting to bring in new faces at the same time.

Simply put, the Salon and Spa industry is the only industry which doesn’t have effective advertising solutions at hand. Whether you’re a small, independent business, or a large chain, the importance of advertising, bringing in new customers, while maintaining your existing loyal base, is vital to your future success and profits. As a business owner, marketing manager and everything in between, you have an additional obligation of ensuring your business stays loyal to your brand and ethos, all within budget.

The good news is that as technology advances, constantly shifting and changing, this brings new opportunities for businesses to solve this very difficult problem. Mobile technology is one area which will help revolutionize your revenue by sending new business opportunities your way while keeping your current client base. This is all within a very affordable budget that keeps your books and your customers, happy!

How Gofindo Can Help You

Let’s talk about how Gofindo can help your Salon or Spa create and maintain business. To do that, we need to talk about the main ways you can advertise your services and maintain business, and show you how Gofindo can take it to the next level.


Most salons and spas offer discounts on a regular basis, but the most important thing is to ensure that those who take advantage of the offer, remain loyal to you after their first interaction. Converting customers to loyal ones is the most important aspect of the discount process.

Investing in a quality technological system helps you to track which customers use which types of discounts, helping you to further aim your offers towards them in the future. Gofindo can help you create a mobile app for your business. Offering loyalty rewards will certainly keep visitors coming your way, via this app, and you can also offer special occasion rewards for your customers too, like birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Price Isn’t Always Key

Yes, price matters, but it isn’t always the crux point. A lot of the time, customers look towards service experience over everything else. We’re talking about things like:

  • Reducing the amount of time they’re waiting for an appointment.
  • The ability to be able to schedule in a date and time online, with whoever they want to see.
  • The ability to be able to pay online on on-time, rather than on the day.
  • Being able to share feedback directly with the owner. This gives a sense that any opinion given will be taken seriously, and also allows owners to track the performance of their employees

A quality technological solution will allow you to do all of this, and make life much easier for your customers too. Remember, customers are busy people, they have jobs, lives, and families to look after - they don’t have time to waste, trying to make an appointment and fit it in around everything. Make their life easier and you’ll find loyalty coming your way.

Online appointment booking can also help you boost your revenue as you won’t be paying for staff time to create appointments. Having online booking available 27/7 will also help reduce cancellations and make other aspects of your business more automatic.

Be Marketing Savvy

Using technology gives you power, but also makes life easier for your customers, both current and future. Within this, you have the amazing power to track and analyze your businesses progress, and create a bespoke marketing plan from the results.

Knowing how and where to focus your time and money allows you to stay within budget, but also shows you new and very successful ways to increase your revenue over the long-term.

Put simply - stop running around on guesswork, and let technology give you the answers you seek.

Gofindo can solve your past problems and help you to generate more revenue through new customers, and extra loyalty. Giving your customers the booking services they need will give instant results, and will help to turn a so-so customer, into an ultra-loyal customer, in no time.

Drop us a line today, and we’ll set you up with the most comprehensive mobile platform for Salons and Spas to date!