6 Essentials for a Successful Restaurant Customer Retention Program

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. However, many people have the idea that as long as they have great food, that is all that they need to retain customers. It’s this type of thinking that makes many restaurant owners and operators believe after a short amount of time on the market. How can customers be retained in the restaurant business? In order to do this successfully, one must remember these six essentials.

Customer Relationships are a Must

In any restaurant setting, the relationship that you have with your customers will go a long way when retaining customers for the long haul. What are some ways that you can do this? Most restaurant owners are going to sit down and chat with customers, ask them about the food, shake their hand and express how glad they are that the person chose to dine with them today. However, there is another method that is often easier. It is through creating a loyalty rewards program.

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A Loyalty Club that is Amazing

Did you know that 80% of customers are more likely to return to a store that offers them some sort of customer loyalty program? Having a restaurant loyalty apps is an amazing way to create a tactic that allows customers to get rewarded for when they eat at your establishment, to connect with others who may love the restaurant, and to maintain connection with these loyal customers. This does not have to be complicated, in fact, the easier this is, the more likely people will love it!

Offer Digital Ordering

Offering a digital ordering platform is a must in order to reach the largest demographic that you can and promote people to keep coming to your restaurant. By adding on mobile ordering, restaurant owners are actually increasing their service offerings to their customers.

Automatic Restaurant Marketing

Most restaurant owners and operators believe that they don’t have the time or budget to increase their current marketing efforts. However, automatic restaurant marketing can enhance your restaurant customer engagement. Automate your marketing efforts by setting up proximity campaigns which notifies customers by push notifications and emails when they are in the vicinity, reminding them to stop in for a bite to eat. Stimulate loyalty by creating birthday campaigns, sending notifications to customers for a deal or discount on their favorite meal at your restaurant. This forms a more personal and stronger relationship with your customer base.

Obtain Customer Feedback

You will never know what your restaurant is doing wrong if you don’t ask. That is why many successful restaurants are asking for customer feedback on their experience along with the food. Allowing customers to comment on their experiences via a forum is going to allow you to know what to change and what to keep. The goal is that with every customer that walks in, they have an amazing experience at the restaurant that keeps them coming back!

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Integrated POS Terminals

The key with any customer retention program is using methods that make a customers experience as seamless as can be. This can be achieved by providing Omni channel POS solutions that are integrated with your Loyalty and Rewards platform. This allows Restaurant Owners, Operators to collect and analyze data showing how well your efforts are working, what is working best, and what needs to be adjusted to entice customers using data-based decision making.

As a mobile engagement platform, Gofindo can help you to address this challenge and conquer this so that you can reach even more customers. For mobile marketing automation, restaurants will need a reliable service on their side, and that is what we are offering.

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