5 Ways You Can Use a Mobile Marketing App to Retain Your Customer

For most businesses, the biggest challenge to growing a brand isn’t attracting customers for the first time; it’s figuring out how to retain them. According to a study published by research firm McKinsey & Company in February of this year, only 13% of all consumers are firmly loyal to specific brands. 87% of consumers, in other words, shop around for better products, services, prices, or promotions. Ultimately, most of those shoppers end up taking their business to new brands. To help all small business owners and retailers in customer retention, we have created this article – 5 Ways You Can Use a Mobile Marketing App to Retain Your Customer.

This problem with loyalty affects businesses across many industries, including restaurants, grocery stores, or retail shops. It doesn’t help that each of these business types operates in a competitive niche. With so many similar businesses out there, how can yours stand apart to turn customers into true brand loyalists?

The answer is a mobile marketing app. While many restaurants, grocers, retailers, fitness centers, and salons try to keep up their traffic through local marketing efforts (such as TV and radio ads, or promotional offers in local coupon mailers), these methods work better for lead generation than customer retention. Here are the five best ways in which mobile marketing can reach your existing customers and give them incentives to keep coming back:

They help you understand customer behaviour : Every customer is different, but most general marketing efforts paint with broad strokes. If you use TV or radio, you need to curate one ad to target everyone in your market. If you use coupon mailers, you can only design three or four coupon offers to suit your entire audience. With mobile marketing, it’s far easier to customize your marketing for individual people. Gofindo, for instance, keeps track of customers and their purchase history, sending automated, personalized offers and deals directly to their mobile phones.

They offer location-based alerts : Sometimes, sending out personalized offers isn’t enough. Customers might be attracted by the promotions, but if they live several miles away from your business location (or out of town entirely), then they might not be willing or able to make the trek. Your chances of luring customers back through your door are much better when they are close by, and a mobile marketing app like Gofindo gives you the power to do just that. A good mobile marketing app should include location-based alerts, sending customers reminders or special coupons when their mobile phones come within a certain distance of your location.

They promote customer engagement and satisfaction: Customers who feel that they are valued and well taken care of are more likely to return for repeat business. Mobile marketing apps recognize this factor and make it a big part of user experience. Gofindo, as a mobile engagement platform, initiates engagement by inviting customers to provide feedback about a product they bought recently, or about the customer experience overall. On an individual level, this system helps your business get to the bottom of individual customer complaints and concerns. On the macro level, it gives you a Net Promoter Score (NPS), to measure general customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement.

They encourage customer loyalty : Mobile marketing apps only work if your customers are serious enough about your business to download the app to their phones. If you want to encourage that level of loyalty, you need to make it worthwhile. Luckily, most mobile marketing platforms integrate easily with loyalty programs, allowing you to design rewards and campaigns—both personal and general—that save customers money and give them reasons to keep coming back. Since everything plays out via mobile rather than email or direct mail, it’s also easier to make sure your loyal customers get the most relevant offers in a timely fashion.

They make it easier for customers to find vital information : Customers who want to learn about the latest promotions or find the operating hours for your store can always look on your website. However, this arrangement forces your customers to do too much work to find the answers they are seeking. With mobile marketing apps like Gofindo, everything is easier. On one side, it’s easy for the business to update campaigns and promotions or share store and branch details (including name, address, hours, and contact information). On the other side, it’s easy for customers to access this information via an app that’s right on their mobile home screens.

Ultimately, mobile marketing applications can streamline and strengthen the relationships your business has with customers. But don’t take our word for it: find out yourself by clicking on Get started with Gofindo!

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