5 Customer Loyalty & Reward Apps Small Business Owners Must Consider in 2017

Small businesses play key drivers role in any local economy. As such, many tech companies are trying to create new mobile apps that immensely help small business owners to acquire new customers and retain them. If you are small business owner, who might be owning a restaurant, cafe, garment store or a fitness center, and haven’t started using apps, you may be at a big disadvantage. So to help you we have created this article – 5 Customer Loyalty & Reward Apps Small Business Owners Must Consider in 2017.

According to The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report by comScore, mobile apps now account for about 54% of all time spent on digital media. Mobile loyalty apps have the potential to transform loyalty for small businesses. Here are the 5 customer loyalty & reward apps small business owners should consider in 2017 to help increase their profits.

  1. Gofindo

Gofindo is a powerful mobile engagement and loyalty platform which connects merchants and their customers, powering lasting and rewarding relationships. With its easy-to-use online dashboard and customizable features, the platform provides small and mid-sized businesses across verticals the ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back. Small business owners and even shopping mall owners can leverage the powerful solution to identify, register, reward and engage customers through highly personalized and real-time offers anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and minimal cost.

Gofindo uses beacon technology to record customer visits and send location-based notifications, and QR code scanning to record and track purchases. It can be integrated with any POS system.

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  1. LoyalTap

LoyalTap is just not a loyalty program, it’s a loyalty program that brings communities together. As a community loyalty program, the app is a white label product that’s custom branded for any downtown, town, or community. All of the unique businesses in the town are featured on the app, and can customize their own challenges and rewards. Local users can download the app and get rewards at all of their favorite local spots.

  1. Flok

Flok is a mobile marketing solution that emphasizes increased customer loyalty. Options include customized punch cards, push campaigns that offer customer rewards and incentives, social engagement, customer chat and feedback and new customer acquisition tools. Detailed analytics are also available.

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  1. Belly

Belly offers customized rewards, email campaigns, social exposure and integration. Belly offers three different plans depending on the features your business requires. Each plan includes a digital loyalty program that integrates with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, a customizable iPad for signing up your customers, in-store marketing materials.

  1. SpotOn

SpotOn enables customers to scan their phones when they make purchases and earn rewards with any small business. In exchange, the business owners get their contact information, which makes it easy for them to run marketing campaigns to promote special deals, keep track of the best customers and automatically message customers on special occasions like their birthdays.

There you have it: 5 customer loyalty & reward apps small business owners should consider in 2017. If you want to learn more about cutting-edge mobile loyalty solutions or want to get one for your business, visit our website at https://www.gofindo.com

Gofindo mobile engagement platform can help you get all of these mobile marketing benefits and connect with customers on the mobile platform, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions.

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