Accelerate your Customer Interaction
Improve Customer Interaction, Loyalty & Repeat visits
The Gofindo App lets you reach your consumers through a mobile app, notifying them about personalized deals, booking appointments and feedback collection, enhancing overall customer loyalty & repeat visits.
Automobile Loyalty & Rewards Program
Appointment Booking Made Easy
Save Time By Scheduling Appointments with Gofindo

Never disappoint your customers with your ongoing engagements. The Gofindo App allows your customers to schedule their visit through your branded mobile app, no matter the time or place, letting you & your team focus on providing personalized services in a flash!

Reward Your Customers Every Time They Visit
Turn Your First Time Visitors Into Loyal Customer

Make your customers feel appreciated by rewarding every meaningful transaction they make with your auto shop, converting all visitors into loyal customers. Gofindo lets you send redeemable offers, promotions and rewards to keep your customers loyal, and happy. Enhance your brand identity, increase repeat visits & drive revenue all in one app!

Reward Every Customer
Save Big on Automobile shop marketing
Save Big on Marketing
Speed Past your Competition with Automated Mobile Marketing

Gofindo’s Marketing campaigns help you automate your mobile engagement while enabling you to send personalized offers based on your customer's past engagement. This not only saves time but also eliminates guesswork, improves your open rate, saves time & decreases your overall marketing budget.

Track, Analyze & Make Smart Decisions
Reduce the hassle by Tracking Business Metrics with Gofindo

With Gofindo, you can monitor your business metrics like service delivery, products sales, invoices, revenue, ROI, and employee performance all in one centralized dashboard. With Gofindo being accessible from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity, you can stay focused on your business no matter the time or place.

automobile loyalty & engagement app
automobile loyalty & engagement app
Collect, Analysis & React on Customer Feedback
Instantaneous Customer Feedback for Fast-Tracked Reactions

With your Custom Branded App from Gofindo, you can automatically collect customer feedback from every transaction using a mobile Net Promoter Score, providing you real-time feedback. Gofindo provides an easy and cost-effective way to make better business decisions that enhance customer satisfaction.