We are Gofindo

Like any business, Gofindo was founded from realizing an apparent problem in the market and knowing that said problem can be fixed via digital technology. Founders Barry and Reena Pilgrim saw E-Commerce taking over the relationships between consumers and their favourite products and services, further deteriorating the relationship with brands and merchants. With this boom of e-commerce, there needed to be a solution that didn't take over customer relationships, but enhance them to bring customers back in-store and interact with merchants, bringing customer engagement back to In-Store Merchant environments.

With their extensive knowledge in network solutions and project management, the founders saw it fit to build a cloud based solution where merchants and customers world wide can keep their connections and engagements intact. Moreover, the operations of Gofindo were built to be operated anywhere in the world, making our solution and company agile, strategic, scalable and sufficient for world wide operations. With a team comprised of dedicated technology, branding and marketing professionals, we work hard to advance the world of Digital Customer Engagement and Rewards.

Gofindo was designed to address key concerns:
  • Providing a seamless omnichannel experience to end users while collecting actionable data and insights
  • Enables mobile payment options and transactions
  • Reduces marketing effort and spend needed to manage offers via traditional online marketing
  • Eliminates the need for retailers to invest significantly in their own standalone mobile application
  • Dashboard and analysis of collected purchase and marketing data provides insight and opportunity for a retailer to increase their store’s revenue potential