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About Us

Gofindo is more than just any other loyalty platform, it’s a feature rich mobile customer engagement platform.

We are Gofindo

In November 2015, the founders of Gofindo, Barry Pilgrim and Reena Pilgrim decided to launch a mobile app to connect and reward any business or merchant’s customers in a personal and efficient manner. What simply started as a rewards and loyalty program in the beginning, evolved into a robust cloud based customer engagement platform by the end of 2017.

With headquarters in Ontario, Canada and a delivery center in Hyderabad, India, the Gofindo team of dedicated technology and marketing professionals works hard to advance the world of customer engagement and rewards program.

Our Mission

Gofindo helps global retail brands, shopping malls, and retail chains build rewarding and long lasting relationships with their customers. Gofindo is so much more than just any other loyalty platform. It’s a feature rich mobile customer engagement and marketing platform. The Gofindo mobile customer engagement solution, allows global retailers and brands to acquire new, engage the existing, and retain the loyal consumer. That’s the Gofindo recipe to drive Customer Engagement!

Gofindo was designed to address key concerns:

  • Provides a seamless omnichannel experience to end users while collecting actionable data and insights
  • Enables mobile payment options and transactions
  • Reduces marketing effort and spend needed to manage offers via traditional online marketing
  • Eliminates the need for retailers to invest significantly in their own standalone mobile application
  • Dashboard and analysis of collected purchase and marketing data provides insight and opportunity for a retailer to increase their store’s revenue potential