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Acquire, Engage & Retain
Your Customers to Drive Repeat Sales

The Omni Channel Marketing & Analytics Platform with Reward & Customer Feedback Programs Designed For Shopping Malls, Retailers, And Local Businesses To Mesmerize Customers.

See the customer engagement solution in action

How it Works ?

Take Digital Approach to Your Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategy

How Gofindo Platform Works

This platform is built from the ground up for established brands, shopping malls, large retailers, and overall any business with a loyal customer base. Gofindo provides a robust customer engagement platform that enhances your mobile marketing reach to the best it can possibly be.

Combine real-world situations with location-based services, analytics backed purchase history, and the power of smartphones to offer a more personal brand experience to your customers.

Business Value

Helping you grow your business, build your customer base and generate repeat sales

Designed keeping in mind the growing need of shopping malls, retailers and global brands, Gofindo allows merchants to acquire, engage and retain customers by leveraging the latest in customer engagement and behaviour analytics technology.

Data Driven Analytics & Personalization

Data-Driven Customer Personalization

Data Driven Analytics for Retail Stores, Shopping Malls

Data-Driven Customer Personalization

Identify Most Valuable Customers
Understand Their Preferences & Behaviors
Beacon Based Notification

Enhance Customer Experience

Boost Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Boost Customer Experience

Analyze Customer Data
Determine Their Engagements
Improve Employee Engagement

Personalized Marketing Experience

Deliver Personalized Marketing Experience

Send Personalized Marketing Notifications to Customers

Deliver Personalized Marketing Experience

Automate Marketing Campaigns
Launch Customer Loyalty Programs
Generate Repeat Sales

Customer Feedback Analysis

Customer Feedback & Analytics

Get Net Promotor Score

Customer Feedback & Analytics

Campaign Dashboard View
Measure Reward Programs
Measure incremental performance

Campaigns, Rewards, Analytics, Feedback

With Gofindo customer engagement platform you can:

Acquire, Incentivise, and Retain Customers Repeatedly

Run Automated Mobile and Email Marketing Seamlessly

Drive sales and Increase Revenue Growth Annually

Retain Customers and Drive Sales

Custom Branding

With a personalized customer engagement app, you can increase your brand identity,and build your network with your brand put first.

Custom Branding on Mobile APP

Every Business Needs Loyal Customers!

Improve your bottom line by rewarding your best customers for their business At Gofindo we work with businesses from these verticals

Restaurant - Customer Enagement & Incentive Program


Proximity Marketing for Restaurants


Customer Enagement & Rewards Program for Groceries Shops


Proximity Marketing for Groceries Stores


Customer Engagement Platform For Salons & Spa

Salon & Spa

Loyalty Management Platform For Salons & Spa

Salon & Spa

Customer Enagement & Rewards Program for Automobile Shops


Proximity Marketing for Automobile Shops


Customer Engagement Program For Entertainment Industry


Loyalty Management Platform For Entertainment Industry


Customer Engagement Program For Health & Fitness Industry

Health & Fitness

Customer Retention & Enagement Solutions For Health & Fitness Industry

Health & Fitness

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