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Engage Customers

Collect and analyze real time insight to increase customer satisfaction and sales

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Retain Customers

Be customer centric using automated mobile contextual marketing to enchance customer experience

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Your Business Needs Loyal Customers

“Brands that upped their spend on customer retention over the past one to three years drove a 200% higher chance of growing their market share.”


How it Works ?

Gofindo enables businesses to easily build tailor-made mobile customer engagement program enabling them to connect and reward their customers in a personal and efficient manner.

Build Your Own Branded Loyalty App, Boost Customer Engagement From Day 1

67% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile experience.

With a personalized customer engagement app, you can increase your brand identity, stay connected with your customers and give them more access to your business. Find out how Gofindo’s mobile customer engagement solution can do that for you, no matter what is your business.

Pixel Perfect Customization

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Gofindo provides easy-to-use templates that let you drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful and branded app to engage customers.

Multiple Vertical Templates

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No matter what is your business vertical, select from a host of vibrant templates suited for your kind of business.

Plug-and-Play Solution

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Gofindo’s plug and play solution will help your business to easily acquire and engage users. A simple plug & play platform which offers flexibility to change things on the fly combined with extensive analytics.

Quick Development Time

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We can quickly build your own branded mobile app using our catalog of prebuilt mobile app modules and features. You just have to provide your logo, color scheme and other artwork, or we can pull design work from your existing website.

Social Networking Features

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Connect with your users through the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter and more. Let your customers take your business viral with built-in-sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.

Marketing Opportunities

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A custom mobile app not only boosts your branding, but also improves your sales and customer retention. With branded apps you can give your customers the power to access your business directly from their phones.

Mobile Customer Engagement Features

With Gofindo mobile customer engagement platform, you can acquire and manage subscribers from other verticals, run automated engagement campaigns and retain customer while customizing your brand.

Acquire New Customers

Our feature rich platform helps you to acquire new customers and grow your business.

Single Sign On

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Increase registration by reducing the need for usernames and passwords, allow users to authenticate using their existing social media login credentials.

Cross Vertical Marketing

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Acquire subscribers from other verticals, improve user experience by personalizing it. Use customer data to create offers based on previous purchases and cart contents.

Manage App Subscribers

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Create customer data filters to visualize your customers who are most valuable. Understand cross-channel customer behaviors and motivations to drive campaigns.

Invite App Subscribers

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Invite new customers to enjoy the privilege of subscription for exciting offers, promotional deals and stunning rewards.

Customer Segment Filtering

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Collecting customer data about their lifestyle, purchase behaviors, interests in gaining practical insight for better customer enlightenment.

Point Based Loyalty Program

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Reach out to a diverse demographic audience by capturing big data on customer transactions, including customer insights, buying habits. Allocate points based on customer transactions.

Flexible Points Allocation

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Allocate award points for money spent or specific customer actions. Configure custom reward levels to be reached and add special promotions such as “Double Point Friday” or offer bonus points for customer actions or referrals.

Gift Rewards as Redeemable Points

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Encourage redemption of rewards or eligible points in your loyalty programs based on customer’s’ data and transaction behavior. Stimulate reward redemption to increase purchases directly in the short term.

Define Points by Currency Value

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Define the value of points by dollar value while configuring the loyalty program for customer engagement. For eg; $1 = 5 points. The customers can earn and burn their points against product or service accordingly.

Engage Your Customers

Our feature rich plaform enables you to engage customers through experiential marketing.

Location Based Store Management

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Update store/branch details, including name, address, working hours and contact information from merchant management portal.

Service Type Listing

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Categorize products and services that your business offers, whether it’s dine-in, take away or delivery.

Mobile Payment

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Send automated personalized offers/deals straight to your customer’s mobile phone. Make it easy for them to pay and redeem those offers for pickup/delivery or reserve booking through Gofindo mobile engagement platform.

Automate Mobile Marketing

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Automate your mobile marketing efforts to save time and ensure that every customer receives the marketing messages on time to avail offers and deals. Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, start or nurture sales processes, create automations based on contact and behavioral data.

Automate Email Marketing

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Organize your email marketing contact data and build segments based on custom criteria with our list management tools. Send more personalized emails to your subscribers by displaying offers/deals based on customer data.

Store Auto Checkin

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Stay competitive by sending targeted mobile ads to customers based on historical data and product reviews once they check-in the store. With beacons in place, send location-based promotions, coupons, and lock screen notifications when a customer is within a certain distance from a physical store location.

Contextual Awareness

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Create contextual awareness of your customer as soon as they step in the store, using Gofindo beacons located inside. The applications installed on the customer’s mobile device will show notifications, and guide them to specific locations.

Trendy User Interface

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Customize mobile app to match aspects of your company’s branding, so that the app is more recognizable to your mobile users. Custom branding is displayed for all users of Gofindo app. Choose from a variety of trendy app designed for various verticals.

Customer Checkout

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Provide a more simplified, convenient checkout experience to your customers. Help customers to select type of payment modes (online/cash or card) with integrated secured payment system.

Retain Your Customers

Our feature rich platform enables you to collect customer info after their first visit to keep them engaged and coming back.

Experiential Marketing

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Put your customers first and deliver exceptional customer experience that will retain them and build loyalty. Create personalized campaigns based on customer data and preferences to increase brand loyalty towards your company.

Filter Based Campaign

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Increase click throughs and conversions by targeting specific group of subscribers. Segment your customers by demographics, location, behavior, custom fields, and tags to create targeted campaigns.

Customer Feedback

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Initiate engagement and invite customers to provide feedback about the product or overall customer experience. Use Net Promoter Score to measure general customer sentiment, and allow customers to send individualized feedback.

Insight Dashboard

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Improve frontline operations and enhance customer relationships with well-chosen customer experience metrics and brand loyalty on web portal dashboard. Collect data around customer experience and create visually appealing charts to guide your strategy.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

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Create customer satisfaction surveys on customer happiness and their satisfaction with your business, product, or service. Calculate Net Promoter Score to get the average rating of your customer responses.

Customer Behaviour Data

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Use customer behavior data to steer your customer loyalty program in the right direction. Analyze weekly, monthly, quarterly metrics to uncover the correlation between customer characteristics and purchasing behavior.

Customer Visit Metric

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Improve your loyalty program by taking action on your customer visit metrics. Measure success by monitoring your customer lifetime value, loyal customer rate, number of customers joined your loyalty program and redemption rate.


Mobile Customer Engagement Platform for Your Business

Gofindo Mobile Customer Engagement Platform covers the needs of various business verticals. Leverage the powerful solution to identify, register, reward and engage your customers through highly personalized and real-time offers anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and minimal cost.



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